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Sam’s Club Will Lay Off 2% Of Its Workers
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In its largest wave of job cuts in four years, Wal-Mart Stores Inc announced Friday that it would be cutting 2 percent (2,300 jobs) of its workforce at its Sam’s Club retail warehouse chain; Sam’s Club has an estimated 116,000 …

More Huge Layoffs Coming to BlackBerry More Huge Layoffs Coming to BlackBerry

Throughout 2012, BlackBerry (RIM at the time) laid off thousands of workers in an attempt to shore up quarterly numbers. The company was still months away from the reveal of its BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and analysts had begun writing the …

Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Its Entire Photography Staff Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Its Entire Photography Staff

In yet another sign of the effect the internet has had on physical newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times this week announced that it has laid off all of its staff photographers. The newspaper released a statement on the move, saying that …

ESPN Layoffs Confirmed, Details Emerging
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Yesterday, rumors began to surface that sports TV news station ESPN will soon be laying off some of its employees. Now, the company, which is owned mainly by The Walt Disney Company, has confirmed that layoffs are incoming. ESPN has …

‘South Park’ may be affected by Obsidian Lay-offs

Obsidian Entertainment is going through a round of lay-offs this week. In an interview with Joystiq, a source close to Obsidian said the team working on the new South Park RPG was affected, and an unnamed project has been cancelled. …

AOL’s 1000+ Employee Layoffs Looming

Back in November we talked about AOL’s need to trim their headcount by some 2,500 people. At the time the hope was that enough would walk away from their positions to avert the need for playing the bad guy and actually firing anyone.

Massive Layoffs Await MySpace Employees

Layoff described by one source as ":massive" are coming to MySpace although there is no official word yet from the company.  MySpace shed 5% of its staff a year ago and laid of as many as 45 more last month. But these cuts will go far deeper, according to TechCrunch and could hit several hundred. Management will inevitably blame a tough economy and plummeting ad revenue, but declining traffic is the real culprit.

Flickr Is Target Of Yahoo’s Latest Layoffs

 While it is no surprise that Yahoo started announcing the layoffs of between 600-700 people this week (the

MySpace Parent Company Laying Off 100 Jobs

myspacelogoIn a move that won’t surprise as many people as it would have this time last year, Fox Interactive Media has announced it will be cutting its workforce by as many as 100 jobs. Fox is the parent company of social network site MySpace as well as Photobucket and various mobile sites.

Yahoo Fending Off Takeover Advances
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A low stock price has plenty of firms interested in buying Yahoo, and the company may find it impossible to say no to them.