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Safety Top Concern For Users Of Online Classified Sites
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With online classified sites becoming increasingly popular with Internet users, one of their top priorities is the safety of such sites.

A new survey commissioned by Kijiji, eBay’s free local classified site, found 36 percent of visitors to online classified sites are concerned about ads that may be misleading or fraudulent.

More than a quarter (28%) of visitor’s worry their email address will be spammed, while 26 percent are concerned about getting a computer virus and 24 percent are concerned about classified ads that may have adult content.

Kijiji Adds New Search Features
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eBay’s online classified site Kijiji has launched two new features that improve search functions for users.

All Kijiji listings have a thumbnail photo if provided. The site now has a new Gallery View option that allows user to view listings in a larger photo gallery format.

eBay Branding its Classifieds
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eBay injects its brand name into its classifieds subsidiary Kijiji, which launched four years ago. Starting with two cities, the Kijiji name will change to eBay Classifieds.

eBay, Craigslist Fighting Over Kijiji Competition
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eBay publicized the complaint it recently filed against Craigslist in Delaware’s Couty of Chancery. It’s all about the lucrative listings market.

Kijiji Shows Solid Growth
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If, outside of this article, you haven’t heard of Kijiji, here’s betting you will.  According to new numbers from comScore, eBay’s Craigslist-like property has seen some pretty impressive increases in unique visitor stats.

Kijiji Attempts to Take On Craigslist

The New York Times recently reported a story about Kijiji’s attempt to take on Craigslist. Though Kijiji has some decent traction globally, it had been an unknown in the US. Is that about to change?

eBay Imports Gumtree

Gumtree was quite “sticky” overseas – the classifieds site attracted and held a lot of attention in the UK, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, and South Africa.  Gumtree, which is owned by eBay, will now have a chance to do the same in three American cities.

eBay’s Kijiji US Debut Competes With…eBay
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If opening the Kijiji classifieds site to American users draws business away from Craigslist, eBay stands to lose a little bit too.

eBay the Latest to “Get” Local Search Potential

At first I wasn’t sure about eBay’s new Kijiji service, essentially an international answer to Craigslist.