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Baby Sold On Facebook For Grandfather’s Drug Money

A newborn baby in India was rescued at the last minute from being sold by his own grandfather in order to fund his drug problem. 47- year old Feroz Khan has been arrested for allegedly conspiring with two hospital employees to kidnap the baby just hours after he was born; his plan was to sell the child to a Facebook …

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10-Year-Old Found Alive Following Kidnapping

A young girl who was kidnapped from her L.A.-area bedroom has been found alive. The Associated Press is reporting that the girl was spotted wandering around a Northridge coffee shop in a white t-shirt and no shoes by someone who had seen her in local reports about her abduction. Her face was reported to have cuts and bruises, and she …

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Dark Far Cry 3 Story Trailer Released

It became clear at E3 that violence and videogames are still bound together pretty tightly and that dark re-imaginings of relatively innocent games (such as Tomb Raider) is going to become a trend the way it has for some movie franchises. Far Cry 3 looks as if it might be the most violent of them all, but it also doesn’t …

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Housewife Raised by Monkeys to Release Book

Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book as a collection of morality tales with a motivational bent, but the stories were all fiction. It’s unthinkable that someone could be raised in the jungle, like Kipling’s Mowgli, and grow up to have a productive adulthood, right? Well, one woman claims that very thing happened to her, and she has penned a memoir …

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American Kidnapped in Benin, Ransom Demanded

An American has been kidnapped in Benin, according to U.S. officials. The information was brought to light by the U.S. Embassy website for the West African country of Benin, though very little information has been released about the situation. The individual in-question has not yet been identified, though officials assure American nationals there is no indication that others are currently …

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Emanuela Orlandi: Priest Claims Girl Was Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties

Emanuela Orlandi, a 15 year-old Italian girl who went missing in Rome, Italy over 28 years ago, remains one of the country’s greatest mysteries. According to the Wikipedia page, Emanuela was supposed to be meeting up with a representative for Avon Cosmetics Company, who wanted the young girl to help promote the company’s products at a local fashion show. Despite …

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