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Google Launches Google Keyboard For Android Devices

Google announced late on Wednesday the launch of Google Keyboard, an app available in Google Play that gives Android devices the keyboard experience that is available on Google’s Nexus devices running stock Android. Google announced this in a Google+ post, in which it said, “Google Keyboard has Gesture Typing (which lets you glide through letters to form a word, just …

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Objet 3D Printers Create A Functioning Keyboard In One Print Job

We’ve already seen what Objet’s multi-material 3D printers can do, but it’s always nice to see Objet pushing the boundaries of what its Connex printers can accomplish. In today’s demonstration, the Objet Connex 3D printer has created a keyboard replica. The amazing part about this particular print job is that the keys didn’t have to be printed separately and inserted …

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iPhone Keyboard Concept Lets You Text with Vibrations

What if you could pull out your iPhone, sit in on a table and just start using the space in front of the device as an invisible keyboard? Well, now you can, at least in theory. Meet “Vibrative,” a new processing solution for smartphones. This interesting concept design comes from Florian Kraeutli a student at Goldsmiths, University of London. It …

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New Logitech Keyboard is Washable, Spillproof

This week Logitech began taking preorders for its new washable keyboard. And when Logitech says “washable” they mean the entire keyboard can be submerged in water and survive. The keyboard, branded the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310, has been designed to be nearly waterproof. One of the images on the product’s web page shows the keyboard being washed in a kitchen …

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Photos Revealed

Microsoft’s surprise announcement of its new Surface tablets was met with a mixed, but mostly positive, reaction. The new form factor brings Microsoft into direct hardware competition with Apple and other tablet manufacturers. The higher-end version of the tablet actually might compete with the MacBook Air and other ultrabooks. Most interesting of all, Microsoft has managed to create a hybrid …

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A Self-Sanitizing Keyboard?

Do dirty keyboards make your skin crawl? Does the idea of using a keyboard after someone else has touched it leave you clammy? If so, Vioguard may have something you’d be interested, provided the idea of a self-sanitizing keyboard appeals to you. The Vioguard keyboard was developed by two previous Microsoft employees, and it has just received approval from the …

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