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Obama To Nominate Vice Admiral Mike Rogers To Head Up The NSA

Back in October, it was announced that Gen. Keith Alexander would be stepping down as head of the NSA. While it was presumed his resignation was caused by the Snowden leaks, the government maintains that his resignation has been a long time coming. Either way, a replacement is on the way. The Hill reports that Obama is close to announcing …

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NSA Gets Its Very First Privacy Officer

The NSA has always been a controversial government agency as its actions are deemed to go too far at times. Even before the Snowden leaks, people were skeptical of the agency after it was revealed that its powers were abused in the Watergate scandal. You’d think the agency would have somebody around to double check its privacy practices long before …

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NSA “Cybercommander-In-Chief” & His Deputy To Resign

It’s been said that no publicity is bad publicity, but if you happen to be Gen. Keith Alexander, this year would contain enough bad publicity to drown even walking scandal Anthony Weiner. From the news that he wasted taxpayer dollars on fulfilling his Starfleet captain’s complex to his metadata dragnet of American citizens’ personal information, Alexander has had a tough …

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Cybersecurity Legislation Asked for by NSA Director

On Wednesday, top cybersecurity officials and government leaders met at the Billington Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the summit was to discuss how the federal government can partner with contracting companies in order to best protest the nation against cyber attacks. The keynote speaker at the event was Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA). …

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Star Trek NSA: New Command Center Unveiled

The NSA has turned to Star Trek for inspiration for its new command center. Before deciding to build their new command center with this type of a design, Keith Alexander, had used a facility at Fort Belvoir, Virignia that also had influences taken from Star Trek. At the time, Alexander was in charge of the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command, …

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Anonymous Poses Threat To U.S. According To Official

It appears that Anonymous may pose more of a threat to the U.S. government than initially thought. The Wall Street Journal is reporting General Keith Alexander, director of the NSA, has said that Anonymous may be capable of taking down power grids via a cyberattack in the next few years. The statements were reportedly made in meetings at the White …

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