Houston Astrodome Future Left Up to Voters

Houston Astrodome Future Left Up to Voters

By Lacy Wise November 6, 2013

Voters in Harris Country, TX decided Tuesday not to raise $217 million to save the Astrodome, by turning it into a multipurpose convention center. The pricy plan involved creating 350,000 square feet by raising the floor to street level and …

Katrina Evacuee Interview: Charles Pizzo
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In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville spoke with Charles Pizzo

Hurricane Katrina Evacuation Podcast

While Neville and I spoke with Charles Pizzo, who has been living in Texas since evacuating his now-condemned home in New Orleans …

News Sites See Traffic For Katrina Info

Whenever there’s world breaking news, news sites see more traffic. Hurricane Katrina was no different. Internet traffic for news sites in and around the Gulf Coast region saw huge increases in traffic.

Google Makes Searching for Katrina Info Easier

Bret Taylor made a post on the Google Blog that says that the company has released two new search features for finding Hurricane Katrina related info more quickly.

Lycos, Yahoo! Look For Katrina Missing

Both Lycos and Yahoo! have set up a way for the families and friends of the victims of Hurricane Katrina to search Internet bulletin boards and other sites with information about the status of missing loved ones.

Online Content and Hurricane Katrina

The Internet is changing the way people view the world, both in terms what’s out there and what’s not out there. With the prolific disaster along the Gulf Coast, FEMA requested media new organizations not show the dead in their coverage of the aftermath. As we’re finding out, bloggers and photographers are providing stories and images that probably won’t make the nightly news.

Website For Kids By Kids For Katrina Relief

In recent weeks, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, there were stories and images of horrific tragedy and great heroics as in any disaster. One story is perhaps meager but no less heroic effort on the part of some children based in Davie Florida. They’ve launched a website urging other children to help with the relief effort by donating their lunch money.

Wireless Deployments Helping Katrina Evacuees

VoIP has moved in to pick up the load where landlines and cellular towers have failed in Katrina’s wake.

Online Community Aids in Katrina Relief Efforts

Along with our colleagues in other parts of the tech sector, the search engine community is starting to respond to the devastation Hurricane Katrina left along the northern Gulf coast.

Tech Industry Responds With Katrina Relief

Some of the biggest names in technology and media have made inroads on helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Ask Jeeves Offers Katrina Smart Answer Section

As it’s been mentioned here many times since Hurricane Katrina struck last week, the search engine industry has been most supportive of the relief efforts related to the natural disaster.

Lycos, Yahoo Provide Katrina Missing Person Search

Metasearch offerings from Yahoo and Lycos sift through a number of missing person sites that arose after Hurricane Katrina.

Lycos Launches Katrina Missing Persons Search

Since the affects of Hurricane Katrina crippled large portions of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans last week, the various search engines have been providing a great deal of support to the resulting humanitarian effort.

Hurricane Katrina Drives Traffic to Blogs & News Search Engines

Hurricane Katrina made landfall at Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, at approximately 7:10 a.m. EDT on Aug. 29, 2005.

Google Maps Can Boost Katrina Relief Sites

The search engine company has made post-hurricane images of New Orleans available on Google Maps.

Linux Users Encouraged To Help Katrina Victims

A developer wants to organize a public “web station” effort to assist and connect Hurricane Katrina victims.