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Eric Schmidt’s New Book Is More Loyal Than A Puppy Eric Schmidt’s New Book Is More Loyal Than A Puppy

Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt has a new book coming out called How Google Works. He co-wrote it with former Google SVP and current advisor to Larry Page, Jonathan Rosenberg and Google Director of Executive Communications Alan …

Jonathan Rosenberg to Leave Google Jonathan Rosenberg to Leave Google
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Google is losing another high profile executive. This time, it’s Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management. He’s been with the company for around nine years. According to his executive profile, he oversees the design, creation and improvement of all …

Google Shares Android Operating Tips

Three days ago, some of you no doubt opened a present and were surprised (or not, depending on how many hints you dropped) to find an Android phone inside.  Now, while we’re sure you’re capable of reading the manual and experimenting, here’s a collection of Android tips straight from Google.

YouTube Profits Closer Than Ever
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The days of YouTube representing a financial black hole may soon come to an end.  Several of Google’s execs have indicated that the video-sharing site is on track to start making more money than its operations consume.

Google’s Prophecies for the Web
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Jonathan Rosenberg of GoogleLast night, Google’s SVP, Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg posted something of a state of the Internet address on the Official Google Blog. In this post, he made four predictions for the web: