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Jon Lovitz Defends His Remarks Regarding Obama
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Jon Lovitz doesn’t seem like the sort of individual who would ever back down from criticism. After receiving quite a bit of backlash for his comments regarding’s Obama’s desire to tax the rich, Lovitz did what Lovitz often does best: …

Jon Lovitz on Obama: Do Not Tax the Rich
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Jon Lovtiz has made enough money that he has to worry about Obama taxing the rich? That’s incredible! To be perfectly honest, I had absolutely no idea the guy was still working. Assuming, of course, that you consider hosting your …

Jon Lovitz Uses Twitter To Expose Bullies For Hate Crime

Comedian and actor Jon Lovitz doesn’t take kindly to bullies, especially when they target someone he knows…and when the bullying becomes a hate crime, he fights back in a brilliant way: with Twitter. When someone drew swastikas, wrote the word …