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John Edwards Returns To Court To Help 4-Year-Old

Former vice presidential candidate, John Edwards, is back in court again, but this time he’ll be in the courtroom defending a 4-year old Virginia boy who suffered a slew of injuries while being treated at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in …

Rachel ‘Bunny’ Mellon, Secluded Heiress, Dies at 103

Rachel ‘Bunny’ Mellon, a secluded heiress, patron of the arts, and a figure in John Edward’s presidential campaign scandal died today in Upperville, VA at 103. Her fortune came from her grandfather’s invention of Listerine, her father’s presidency in the …

Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ Mistress, Apologizes

Rielle Hunter, former mistress to Democratic hopeful John Edwards, and his campaign videographer, has issued a public a apology in the Huffington Post for her behavior during her affair with the shamed politician. Their shenanigans destroyed his career, as well …

Rielle Hunter Spills Dirty Secrets In New Book
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Rielle Hunter, mistress to former presidential hopeful John Edwards, is about to unleash a book on the world that could very well spawn the best Lifetime movie ever made. Hunter says the book was written for her daughter, Frances Quinn, …

John Edwards Trial: Still No Verdict
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The trial against John Edwards moves into its sixth day today without a decision from the jury, although they have asked for more exhibits to aid their process. The case charges that Edwards solicited almost a million dollars in funds …

Cate Edwards Takes The Stand Today
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Cate Edwards takes the stand today to testify in her father’s trial, and news outlets are waiting with bated breath to hear what she has to say. Her father, John Edwards, is up against six counts related to campaign violations …

SEO and the Presidential Race

With the Presidential primaries well under way, it’s time for a follow-up to my March 2007 post about how the Presidential candidates rate for SEO.

Is Hillary Abandoning Net Neutrality?

Unfortunately, Net Neutrality won’t be a make-or-break campaign issue, even if it should be. For most voters, it’s a fairly heady concept, perhaps so difficult supporters worry frontrunner Hillary Clinton is backing away from it altogether.

Attackers on Edwards HQ Come Forward

Earlier this month, grass roots supporters of presidential hopeful John Edwards took it upon themselves to set up an unofficial headquarters for the South Carolina senator within the virtual world of Second Life.

The news broke a little less than three weeks ago as supporters of the Edwards campaign heralded the move as brilliant strategy to reach out to an entirely new community of voters.

Politics, Glad-handing, And Social Media

Although it’s John Edwards who has made recent news over his choice of bloggers, it looks like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton have been the ones making better use of social media.

John Edwards Works The Second Life Corner

Various sorts of virtual destinations such as movie theatres, diners, media agencies and back alley prostitution rings can be found gracing the digital streets of Second Life. Now, you can add the unofficial campaign headquarters of presidential hopeful John Edwards to that list.

As if the virtual world of Second Life weren’t full of enough debauchery, now it’s home to a whole new form of prostitution and depravity — a process that these days we formally refer to as campaigning for the U.S. presidency.