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Mohammed Emwazi’s College Was Reportedly A “Toxic Environment”, Supportive Of Jihad

Mohammed Emwazi, the man we now know to be “Jihad John”, and who has been seen on video beheading several IS hostages, didn’t always seem like the cold-blooded killer that he is. Mohammed Emwazi, during his younger years, was not …

Osama bin Laden Expressed Fear of I.S. in 2011

When the death of Osama bin Laden, former leader of Al-Qaeda, was announced in May 2011, the western world was assured that it had rid itself of the last great terror to plague the Earth for quite some time. After …

H&R Block Coupon Code Gives 20% Off Software Download H&R Block Coupon Code Gives 20% Off Software Download

CouponBuzz.com announced a new 20% off H&R Block Coupon code for H&R Block At Home downloadable tax preparation software. The coupon code is featured on their recently launched webpage dedicated to H&R Block coupons and coupon codes. H&R Block At …

Facebook To Tweak Status Updates

Compared to anything you’ll see coming from the BBC or CNN, this is admittedly a pretty minor piece of news.  Yet it’s nonetheless nice to hear that Facebook plans to drop the word “is” from its users’ status updates.