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BBC iPlayer Comes To Xbox 360 In The UK BBC iPlayer Comes To Xbox 360 In The UK

The BBC has made their popular iPlayer service available on the Xbox 360 starting today. iPlayer will allow Xbox LIVE users to access a variety of BBC content on their consoles. iPlayer also supports Kinect, meaning that viewers will be …

BBC iPlayer Comes to iPhone, But Not America BBC iPlayer Comes to iPhone, But Not America

The BBC has announced that their popular iPlayer app has come to the iPhone today. The free app allows access to live streaming of the BBC’s television and radio programming, as well as a significant archive of BBC’s older content, …

BBC Ties Facebook, Twitter Into iPlayer

The iPlayer, which is a popular video-on-demand service offered by the BBC in the UK, is getting a lot more social.  A new beta version ties into both Facebook and Twitter (for starters), offering users the option to let friends know what they’re viewing and recommend different shows.

This integration was accomplished through the creation of a new login called a BBC iD, and it’s supposed to offer a bit beyond the standard click-here-go-there functionality, effectively creating a "social recommendation ecosystem."

BBC Denies Secret iPlayer Deal With Microsoft

Although the BBC’s iPlayer only works with XP-equipped computers, there is no secret alliance between the world’s biggest broadcasting corporation and Microsoft.  According to one exec, the XP compatibility merely arose out of an interest in serving the greatest number of people possible.

BBC iPlayer To Launch In July

The BBC will launch its on demand TV Service, BBC iPlayer on July 27 it announced today.

BBC Moves Forward With Online Archive, iPlayer

It’s only for a six-month trial period, and it involves just 20,000 people in the UK, but something important has transpired – part of the BBC archive went online.  And if everything goes well, we can look for all of that audio and video to become much more widely available.