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Facebook Timeline Now On iPhone Facebook Timeline Now On iPhone

Facebook made the Timeline available to all users this past week, and now more people can access it via their smartphones. As we reported earlier in the week, Facebook said it would be rolling out the Timeline feature to iOS …

Urbanspoon Update Includes New “Dineline” Feature Urbanspoon Update Includes New “Dineline” Feature

Urbanspoon, the popular mobile app for restaurant discovery is getting a new “personal dining timeline” feature called Dineline. “As you know, Urbanspoon has always been a great way for you to find your next favorite restaurant,” a spokesperson for Ubranspoon …

Skype iPhone/iPad Apps Get Updated Skype iPhone/iPad Apps Get Updated

Skype just got some new features on the iPhone and iPad versions. An update for the iPhone app includes a feature that reduces shakiness of an outgoing Skype video chat, when you’re using the rear-facing camera. “So, if you’re using …

iPhone 5 Rumor: To Release With New Facebook App, Facebook iPad App iPhone 5 Rumor: To Release With New Facebook App, Facebook iPad App

There has been an incredible amount of anticipation for the iPhone 5, and it’s expected to be unveiled at an Apple event on October 4. Something else that has been widely anticipated by Apple fans is the launch of a …

Google Search for iPhone Gets Update Google Search for iPhone Gets Update

Google announced today that the Google Search app for iPhone has been updated. The latest version is Additions include: New way to switch between Web, Images, Places and more Improved help screen Removed Calendar alerts Google Instant Pages Minor …

Facebook Messenger App Launches with Group Chat Facebook Messenger App Launches with Group Chat
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Facebook has announced a new mobile app called Messenger. The app, which the company says will be available today for iPhone and Android, is a standalone app – separate from Facebook’s regular mobile app. It would appear that the app …

Google+ iOS Update Not Impressing iPad Users Google+ iOS Update Not Impressing iPad Users

Google has launched an update to its Google+ app for iOS. No, it doesn’t come with Instant Uploads (the key feature missing from this version of the app, if you ask me). What it does come with is iPod Touch …

Disco – Google Does Group Texting on the iPhone Disco – Google Does Group Texting on the iPhone

A new app has hit Apple’s App store, and it comes from Google-owned Slide. The app is called Disco, and it is described as “Group text messaging on ANY phone made FREE & EASY!” “Start as many groups as you …

iPhone As Google TV Remote

Google announced the launch of an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod (those running iOS 3 or higher) that turns the device into a remote control for Google TV. This is a capability that has been available for Android, …

CitySearch Launches Daily Deals Aggregator
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Taking advantage of all the buzz about daily deals, CitySearch has taken it upon itself to provide a convenient way for user to check out available deals from one spot (an iPhone or Android app). 

Layar Lends Augmented Reality Technology to Any iPhone App

Augmented reality app provider Layar made a very interesting announcement today – it’s making its AR technology available for all iPhone apps. In other words, expect to see a lot more innovative AR-related features in a lot of apps. 

This extension of AR tech comes in the form of Layar’s Layar Player (now out of beta). It’s available to all agencies, brands, and developers to use to include AR (for free, no less) in their iPhone apps. 

Google Places with Hotpot App Released for iPhone

Google has launched Google Places with Hotpot for the iPhone. Given the iPhone’s pending availability to Verizon customers, this should provide a huge boost in use for Google’s recently launched local offering. Google Places with Hotpot has been available in Google Maps for Android, but now it’s a standalone iPhone app too. 

Is Augmented Reality the Future of E-Commerce?
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eBay has launched a new version of its eBay Fashion iPhone app. This one lets users virtually try on sunglasses by using their phone’s front-facing camera to capture an image of themselves and fit the sunglasses to their faces. 

Seesmic Updates iPhone App with New Features and Ads

Popular social media client Seesmic has launched some new updates for its iPhone app. It now supports Retina Display, creating and adding users to Twitter lists, in-reply-to-converation and direct messages in threads, checking private Facebook messages, pull-down to refresh, and Instapaper & Read it Later integration. 

Microsoft Updates Bing App for iPhone, iPod Touch

Microsoft has released an update for its Bing for Mobile app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The update comes with some new features for travel and Bing Maps. 

The New Foursquare Emerges for iPhone

Foursquare announced version 2.0 of its iPhone app, as well as a new way to connect it to the web. There are three main features that Foursquare is emphasizing with today’s announcement. 

AT&T and NCAA Launch College Football iPhone App
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AT&T and the NCAA have launched a new iPhone/iPod Touch app. With a big day of college football coming tomorrow, its as good a day as any for such an app. 

The app is free and combines social functionality with real-time NCAA football news. Fans of Division 1 teams will be able to chat with one another (as well as fans of opposing teams, so that should cater to a fair amount of trash talk). 

Apple to Publish App Store Review Guidelines

Apple released a statement today regarding its App Store Review Guidelines. The company says:

Booyah Utilizes Facebook Places for Standalone App
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Booyah, makers of the check-in app/game MyTown, have unveiled a new game today, and it is is the first standalone app to utilize the recently launched Facebook Places API.

"In addition to being the first app built exclusively for Facebook Places, it is the only app that accesses Facebook Search," says Booyah.

Vevo iPhone App Launches with a Bang – Over a Million Downloads in a Week

Last week, Vevo launched its mobile app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Today, the company announced that the app has already been downloaded over a million times.

LinkedIn Updates iPhone App
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LinkedIn has announced the launch of LinkedIn for iPhone version 3.2, which the company says makes it easier to stay up to date and find important changes happening in your professional network.

The app comes with some changes to how LinkedIn displays profile updates from connections. You can see more info about what changed from All Updates or Profiles.