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ZunZuneo Case: Cuban-Twitter Designed To Stir Unrest

It comes as one of the stranger attempts for the U.S. government to attempt to stir unrest in Cuba—a social media platform, with a healthy dose of soccer and harmless news, to later be a political platform to stir unrest. The Associated Press broke the story about ZunZuneo—Cuban slang for a hummingbird’s tweet—on April 4 and still the story marches …

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‘Toilet Water’ Coffee Used by Hong Kong Starbucks

An investigative report has angered Hong Kong coffee drinkers this week after it was revealed that a local Starbucks was using water from a bathroom spout to brew its coffee. According to an HK Magazine translation of an Apple Daily report, the Starbucks located in the Bank of China Tower was using “toilet water” from a spout just feet away …

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YouTube Launches The I Files, A New Hub For Investigative Journalism

It’s clear that YouTube is and will remain one of the top landscapes for breaking news, citizen journalism, and in-depth reporting that may have never found its way to the public through more traditional media outlets. All you have to do is think about the Arab Spring, user-submitted police videos, and undercover exposés on topics like animal cruelty to confirm …

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Center For Investigative Reporting Launches New YouTube Channel

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), a nonprofit investigative reporting organization, announced this week that it will launch a new channel on YouTube. The channel, which is expected to be launched in July, will be a hub of investigative journalism curated by CIR. The channel is being launched in part by an $800,000 contribution by the John S. and James …

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