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Average Global Internet Speeds Are Still Increasing

Most of us in the U.S. love to rag on our ISPs and blame them for what we perceive as painfully slow Internet speeds. Our ISPs certainly do deserve their fair share of criticism, but we should also celebrate when things are headed in a positive direction. The latest report from Akamai is cause for celebration as it shows things …

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The Internet Is Still Slowly Gaining Speed Around The World

The Internet is constantly evolving around the world. The speed at which it’s evolving, however, is an entirely different story. It’s this evolution that has proven to be one of the more interesting things to watch as world moves towards faster Internet and new technologies like IPv6. Once again, we have a front row seat to the changes occurring to …

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The Internet Is Slowly Getting Faster Around The World

With the advent of Google Fiber in Kansas City, we’re all now wanting a world with faster Internet. The traditional ISPs in the U.S. are slowly expanding their services, but some may think that they’re not moving fast enough. There’s also the issue of consumers in the U.S. paying way too much for much too little. While there is little …

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The State Of The Internet [InfoGraphic]

Every quarter, Akamai takes a look at global internet connection speeds, attack traffic, network connectivity and more. They take the data from the latest State of the Internet reportand visualized it in infographic form. The info obtained from this quarters report is fairly interesting actually. The United States lead the way with the most new IP addresses, even though China …

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South Korea Has (Much) Faster Internet Than You

Soon after Google ranked South Korea as having the second-fastest desktop internet and the fastest mobile internet in the world, a new study has been released that corroborates those accolades. Akamai, a cloud platform enterprise that keeps a close eye on these things, released its Fourth Quarter, 2011 State of the Internet report today, announcing that South Korea has both …

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