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Charlize Theron Secret Gets Judge Banned

It is a case that should prove to everyone that having a handle or nickname to hide behind on the Internet does not protect your identity. Back in 2012, Theron adopted a baby boy. That has become fairly common knowledge now, but one man’s brief discussion of the adoption has cost him his job as a judge. Faulkner County (Arkansas) …

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NTIA Introduces Mobile App Code of Conduct For Privacy

The U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) this week announced that its stakeholder partners for an app transparency process will soon begin testing a voluntary code of conduct for mobile app privacy. The code implores app developers to, “where practicable,” provide app users with short form notices about what data an app collects and who it will be shared …

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Online LSD Dealers Arrested

Eight suspected drugs dealers have been arrested around the world, for operated a site called ‘The Farmer’s Market,’ which allowed clients to buy illegal drugs via the internet. The site, ran by Marc Willems of the Netherlands, sold LSD, ecstasy, marijuana and other drugs to roughly 3,000 customers in 34 countries, and was only accessible via the Tor Project anonymizing …

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Google Executive Chairman Warns Against Regulation

On Tuesday, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt warned regulators that technology should be allowed to develop its own solutions rather than forcing invasive privacy laws that could stifle innovation and stall foreward progress: “There’re so many new technologies that help protect privacy … that you hope the privacy regulator will never restrict that,” “[The] unintended cost of regulation is often …

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If You Like Internet Privacy, You Might Be A Terrorist

At least according to the FBI, anyway. Thanks to an incredibly contradicting article that focuses on Internet cafe activity, it’s safe to assume profiling is alive and well in 21st century law enforcement, and it’s not just limited to race, apparently. What we have is just an amazing read on how the FBI views Internet privacy-seeking individuals, especially those who …

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