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Intel: Dual-Core, Hyper-Threaded Server Inside Early

Chip-making monstrosity Intel announced their monster’s getting a little bigger with the early deliver of their Xeon and Xeon MP processors. The new units will contain dual-core and hyper-threading technology will ship in 2005.

Intel Dual-Core Living Large In Paxville

Server platforms powered by 64-bit dual-core Xeon and Xeon MP hyper-threaded processors will hit the market earlier than planned.

When Chips Are Down, Intel Takes Chips Up

Intel’s had the problems recently with AMD, the U.S. government, the Japanese government, the E.U. government, but with any luck, they increase their good fortune with their developer conference with details of their new multicore processor chip.

Intel Under South Korean FTC Investigation

Marketing practices by the chipmaking giant have come under scrutiny by an antitrust group.

Boeing Gets Intel Boost On In-flight Internet

Connexion by Boeing has Intel as a partner and promoter of its high-speed wireless service on airplanes.

Arizonas Hot Tax Incentives Draw Intel

The world’s largest chipmaker will invest $3 billion USD in a semiconductor plant to be built in Arizona.

Construction Begins On New Intel Factory in Arizona

Yesterday, Intel announced that it plans to build a new 300-mm wafer fabrication factory called Fab 32 on its site in Chandler, Arizona.

Intel To Build 300-mm Wafer Fabrication Facility in Arizona
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Intel announced today that it plans to build a new 300-mm wafer fabrication facility called Fab 32 on its property in Chandler, Arizona.

Intel Profits Up From Last Year

Intel’s second-quarter revenue may have been down 2% from the first quarter, but the $9.2 billion is still 15% higher than it was for the same quarter a year ago.

Intel Strained By AmberWave Over Patent Issue

A company called AmberWave claims the chipmaker has infringed upon its patented strained silicon technology.

European Commission Raids Intel and Others

About two weeks ago, AMD filed an antitrust lawsuit against Intel. Then yesterday, Intel’s offices in England, Spain, Ital, and Germany were raided by the European Commission.

EU Inside Intel: Antitrust Raids

Computing processor giant Intel continues to wade through antitrust and monopoly charges levied against them by AMD. Today, the EU antitrust authorities raided Intel’s offices in Swindon, England and in Munich looking for evidence in the antitrust suit.

Intel Gets Raided

Two weeks ago, AMD filed an antitrust lawsuit against Intel, and today officials from the European Commission as well as local officials have raided Intel offices in England, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Intel Offices Raided By European Commission

Today, two weeks after AMD filed an antitrust lawsuit against Intel, the European Commission began raiding Intel’s offices in England, Spain, Ital, and Germany.

Intel and Morgan Freeman Team On Net Film Distribution

The massive chipmaker will work with the Oscar winner’s production company on releasing films online before their DVD release.

Intel Helps Morgan Freeman Sell Movies Online

Computer giant Intel and Revelations Entertainment, co-owned by Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman and producer Lori McCreary announced the creation of ClickStar, a company designed to offer premium movies directly to the Internet, including original content and first run products.

AMD Out For Blood: Going After Intel In Japan

Advance Micro Devices filed suit in Tokyo High Court against processor powerhouse Intel for some $50 million. The suit accuses Intel of paying massive amounts of moolah to Japanese computer companies to keep them from using AMD chips.

AMD Japan Files Suit Against Intel Japan

Similar to a suit filed in America, AMD Japan has accused Intel Japan of monopolistic practices.

Capellas: Intel Had A Gun To His Head

AMD files an antitrust suit against Intel, accusing it of “old- fashioned threats, intimidation and ‘knee-capping’ to deter OEMs from dealing with AMD.”

AMD Fed Up With Intel

Hector Ruiz welcomes Paul Otellini to the world of high-tech processor litigation with a 48-page antitrust lawsuit.

Intel Finds AMD Litigation Inside

Chipmaker AMD has filed an antitrust suit against bitter rival Intel over its dominant position in the OEM industry.