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Lexmark Ditches Inkjets, Lays Off 1,700 Worldwide To Cut Costs

I remember my family’s first Inkjet printer. It was a Lexmark and I was proud to own a piece of hardware designed in Kentucky. The era of inkjet printers from Lexmark ends today, however, as the company is selling off that part of the business. Lexmark announced today that they will no longer be involved with “the development and manufacturing” …

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Bioprinting Uses Inkjet Printer On Living Cells

Researchers from Clemson University have found a way to create temporary holes in the membranes of live cells using a standard inkjet printer. The method will be published in JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, on March 16. “We first had the idea for this method when we wanted to be able to visualize changes in the cytoskeleton arrangement due …

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Lexmark Reveals New Line of Inkjet Printers

On Monday, January 31st, Lexmark International revealed its new inkjet printer designed for businesses. It originates from the company’s decision to target business customers with its line of printers. The OfficeEdge series of printers is targeted for small and medium sized companies and can range in price from 249 dollars to 499 dollars. The Pro5500 models are immediately available while …

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