This Isn’t Really How Yahoo Expects To Compete In Search Is It?

This Isn’t Really How Yahoo Expects To Compete In Search Is It?

By Chris Crum April 22, 2015

Yahoo held a conference call on Tuesday to discuss its Q1 earnings. Over the course of the call, CEO Marissa Mayer said a lot about search in her prepared remarks before talking about the subject even more in the Q&A …

Unvalidated Robots.Txt Risks Google Banishment

The web crawling Googlebot may find a forgotten line in robots.txt that causes it to de-index a site from the search engine.

What If Google Had To Index Itself?

Google’s famous for, and in part owes its success to, its clean interface. A search bar is all you need, in stark contrast to the busy pages of portal competitors. But what if Google had to optimize for Google?

Utah, Wyo., Lead Search For Teen Bride Site

Want a surge in traffic or attention? Stage a hoax. What’s the line between hoax and fraud? That’s a question for lawyers, as is the legality of selling your underage daughter’s hand in marriage, the false pretense of which caused a 1709 percent surge in search traffic for MarryOurDaughter.com, according to Yahoo.

ShopLocal Introduces Online Retail Index

ShopLocal, a multi-channel shopping and marketing firm has introduced The ShopLocal Index, a market indicator focused on tracking the influence of the Internet on in-store shopping.

Online Presidential Performance Index Launched

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Spartan Internet Consulting Corporation said it is releasing an Internet political performance index for the 2008 Presidential election.

ClipBlast To Index Metacafe Video

Video search platform ClipBlast has partnered with video sharing site Metacafe to automatically index new video posted to Metacafe.

Hitwise To Scrutinize Election 2008

If you are a serious political junkie, then life just got a little better, as Hitwise has launched a new Election 2008 Data Center that offers online usage data about the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

Google Supplemental Label Out. What Next, PageRank?
Which item published by Google is:

ClipBlast Expands Video Index

ClipBlast an online video search and navigation platform is enhancing its index by automatically crawling platform providers.

Some New Tags To Play With
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HighRankings.com’s Jill Whalen broke some interesting news about tags webmasters can use to control how their content is shown in Google results. The information comes from Dan Crow, director of crawl systems at Google, speaking at the Search Engine Marketing New England event in Rhode Island.

Do Not Follow Google’s Mistakes

This is not an attempt to bash Google. However, you can sometimes learn what not to do from some very successful people and products.

AdWatcher Seeking Advertisers For Fair Isaac
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The entry of Fair Isaac into the click fraud venue spurred a lot of debate with the arrival of their preliminary report. Fair Isaac will try expanding the data with the help of click fraud detection firm AdWatcher.

EBay Sellers Get Some Help, Online and Off
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The eBay Developers Conference in Boston offers up some juicy tidbits for online retailers, from forthcoming third-party applications and research tools to ways to hire certified developers to create widgets for your website.

SMX: Matt Cutts You & A

Renowned Google Matt Cutts sat down with Danny Sullivan and the SMX Advanced attendees for a Q&A session.

Here are some of the highlights–and since it’s Friday afternoon, here’s a bit of a twist for you. (Don’t worry, unless you really like these, I’ll be putting the rest of my notes up in a more straightforward format in a little while.)

SMX Video – Cutts on Supplemental Index

Google’s Matt Cutts was asked to explain how a site could get out of the supplemental index. SMX only allows me to share one minute of footage, so here’s the key point from Matt.

Searches Say Blake Wins American Idol
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If the number of searches for the remaining American Idol finalists is any indication, Blake Lewis is going to upset many a Jordin Sparks fan.