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Nancy Pelosi Disses Boehner on Immigration?

Like her or not, as House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi probably has a decent pulse of what is going on in Congress. If she says something is a lost cause, that probably means it stands little chance of breathing air again anytime soon in the vacuum that can be the United States Legislative branch. And so it is that, when …

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Obama Heckler Complains About Immigration Laws

A young, undocumented immigrant, who is also a graduate student from South Korea, directly called out to President Obama at a speech the Commander-in-Chief was giving at the Betty Ann Ong Chinese Recreation Center in San Francisco on Monday. The student, standing behind Obama, said, “Our families are separated. I need your help! You have a power to stop deportation …

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House Democrats Arrested During Immigration Reform Protest

With the current Government Shutdown happening in Washington, D.C., many protests have occurred on The National Mall. Today, outside of the Capitol Building in Washington, an Immigration Reform protest formed, and eight Democrat lawmakers from various states were arrested at the protest. According to NBC News, the eight Democrats who were arrested were: John Lewis (Georgia), Luis Gutierrez (Illinois), Charlie …

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White House Posts Another Google+ Hangout (This Time On Immigration Reform)

Members of President Obama’s administration have been participating in a series of “fireside hangouts” on Google+. Vice President Joe Biden recently discussed gun violence in one, for example. On Thursday, Cecilia Muñoz, the Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, participates in one about immigration reform, along with journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, America Ferrera, Jim Wallis, Cristina Jimenez, and …

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Startup Act 2.0: Is Immigration Reform Vital in Moving Innovation Forward?

With the economy weighing heavy on everyone’s mind this election season, legislators are hoping it will help them pass a new initiative. The bill is called Startup Act 2.0 and is designed to spark new businesses and jobs. What does the U.S. need to spur the economy? Is legislation geared toward startups the answer? We’d love to hear your take …

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