iGoogle Is Now Officially Dead (Redirecting To Regular Homepage)

iGoogle Is Now Officially Dead (Redirecting To Regular Homepage)

By Chris Crum November 1, 2013 | 18 Comments

We’ve known for about a year and a half that iGoogle was going to be shut down, but the day has finally come. If you try to access it, you’ll now be redirected to the Google homepage. Google announced the …

Dejected iGoogle Users Create Petitions to Save the Doomed Product Dejected iGoogle Users Create Petitions to Save the Doomed Product

Since Google announced that it’s going to be closing down its personalized homepage product, iGoogle, not everybody has been welcoming of that news. In fact, some are downright angry and upset. Since Google slipped the announcement through Tuesday afternoon, Search …

Google Trims the Fat Off of Products; Google Mini, Google Video, Symbian Get Chucked Google Trims the Fat Off of Products; Google Mini, Google Video, Symbian Get Chucked

If Google was some digitized version of Wipeout!, inevitably some of the products won’t get to move on and compete in the next round. It’s a fact of life: there has to be losers. For at least a few of …

iGoogle Redesign Being Spotted In The Wild iGoogle Redesign Being Spotted In The Wild

Back in 2007, Google launched iGoogle, a new personalized Google homepage for signed in users to put whatever gadgets they want on their homepage, while still having easy access to Google search. There was a fair amount of enthusiasm for …

Google Buzz Gets Killed, Along with Code Search, Jaiku, iGoogle Social Features Google Buzz Gets Killed, Along with Code Search, Jaiku, iGoogle Social Features

When Google launched Google+, it didn’t take long for some of us to speculate about the demise of Google Buzz. Now, we don’t have to speculate much more because Google has come out and said they’re shutting it down, along …

iGoogle Redesigned, More Updates on the Way iGoogle Redesigned, More Updates on the Way

Google has redesigned iGoogle, its custom homepage product, so that it is more in line with other recent Google redesigns. That includes the navigation bar at the top and the left panel, as seen in the image. “In addition to …

Google Acquires Widget Developer Labpixies
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Google has acquired widget developer Labpixies, which developed some of the first gadgets for Google’s personalized homepage iGoogle. It also develops apps for Android and iPhone.

"Over the years, we worked closely together on a variety of projects, including the launch of a number of global OpenSocial based gadgets. Recently, we decided that we could do more if we were part of the same team…" says Don Loeb of Google’s iGoogle team.

Google Adds File Transfer Option To iGoogle, Orkut Chat
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Sending someone a picture or document while chatting online can seem like the most natural thing in the world; it’s common enough for topics like children or school papers to be discussed.  So Google’s upgraded one of its offerings by making it easier for people to trade files.

Google Brings Video/Voice Chat to Your Home Page

Google now has a video chat application that can be used from your iGoogle home page. This is just the latest feature Google has added to its ever-growing list of products/features that make it more like a giant social network.

Google’s Latest Move as a Social Network

Last week, Google introduced social gadgets for iGoogle in Australia. Today they have made them available in the US. Well, they’ll be gradually rolling out starting today, anyway.

The social gadgets let users share, collaborate, and play games with their friends. There are 19 of them at this point that have been debuted today. They include things like:

iGoogle Introduces Social Gadgets
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It looks like the term "iGoogle" is about to grow a little less apt.  Starting this week, social gadgets will debut for iGoogle, allowing and encouraging some users to connect and interact with each other.

Initially, people in Australia are the only ones who will gain access to the new gadgets.  There are twelve of them (more should come out later), and they provide gateways to things including News.com.au, YouTube, GoComics, and chess.

Comic-Con Booths Lure Fans Via Twitter
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All of geekdom has descended upon the city of San Diego, California for Comic-Con 2009. The four-day event, which showcases everything from action figures to theatrical coming attractions, is the highlight of the year for many fanboys.

Are you attending Comic-Con today? Let us know.

Google Photography Prize Winner Declared
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It’s been almost seven weeks since we first covered the Google Photography Prize contest, and now a winner’s been declared.  A jury of artists and art critics selected the iGoogle theme created by Daniel Halasz.

iGoogle For Android And iPhone Leaps Ahead

Accessing the Internet from a mobile device can be a frustrating experience; small screens, slow speeds, and "streamlined" (meaning stripped) interfaces often make people feel like they’re missing out.  But a certain Mountain View-based search giant is trying to fix all that with a new, beta version of iGoogle.

Could Celebrities Drum Up Mass iGoogle Interest?

Google has introduced the iGoogle showcase, which is a gallery of celebrity iGoogle pages for you to peruse, and if you like one well enough, emulate theirs for your own. I suspect this is a way to generate more interest in the use of iGoogle (it certainly worked for Twitter).

Integration – The Key to Google as a Social Network
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Google has or is working on pretty much all of the main ingredients for a really great social network. The problem (in my opinion) is that they are scattered and not integrated as well as they could be. Do you particiapte in any of Google’s social projects? Tell us which ones.


Google Has Digg on the Brain
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Google has released a gadget called What’s Popular for iGoogle. You may draw some connections between it and a certain site called Digg, and some are speculating that it is even an indication of a broader plan from Google to creep into Digg territory.