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Changing Majors? Give Podcasting a Try

Social media is rapidly climbing the ladder as a primary method in which news and information is communicated to the masses. Podcasting, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular among technology enthusiasts, industry insiders, and big-name companies.

OSS Is Changing The Game

Zack, the three examples you give appear to me as signs that OSS is under attack by vendors who don’t gork the value of an open community & the customer value delivered. Yep, even the MSFT deal with Zend.

Tokyo U Develops 512-Core Processor

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a processor that uses 512 cores to achieve up to 512 billion floating point operations per second.

More Open Source Blogs

Alex Fletcher, an analyst from Entiva Group is asking why IBM doesn’t have more blogs devoted to OSS projects that IBMers participates in. He points to the easily findable blogs from Sun employees who work on NetBeans & GlassFish as examples for what he’d like to see from IBM.

Eclipse Turns 5 Years Old

Leave a message for the folks in the Eclipse community that make Eclipse such a great development platform.

Web 2.0: IBM as a Host

IT Analyst James Governor from RedMonk has a posting about what IBM needs to do to get more involved in the web 2.0 world.

OSS Trickle Down

If I understand Dana’s point correctly here, he’s saying that as open source vendors start getting a larger part of the corporate IT budget, less money is spent on commercial vendors, thereby reducing how much those commercial vendors have to spend on R&D for future innovations.

IBM Sues Amazon

IBM has filed two lawsuits against Amazon.com for violating a number of its patents, all of which seem to involve the basis of Amazon’s operation.

IBM Sues Amazon for Patent Infringement

International Business Machines Corp. has filed two separate lawsuits against Amazon, alleging that the Seattle-based company improperly derived its e-commerce functions from technologies patented by IBM as far back as the 1980′s.

Serendipity and Podcasting

I experienced a bit of podcasting serendipity yesterday.

IBM DB2 9 Tests Positive

IBM released its DB2 9 “Viper” database back in June with promises of a fundamental shift in how XML data is managed, as well as time and memory-saving functionalities. Early tests of the “hybrid database” have come back with positive results.

IBM Express Track Targets VARs

IBM’s Express Track program “is reaching out to thousands of local IT resellers around the world” in a “$100 million global drive.”

IBM Makes 4 (Count Em) Storage Announcements

IBM says it is “turbocharging” its storage system, announcing that the company has made one of the single largest expansions of its storage portfolio. The expansion includes IBM’s high-end disk systems, its N series portfolio, data retention solutions, and offerings for SMBs.

Mozy Backs Up To IBM’s Turf

The swirl of discussion about online backup service Mozy should not center on comparisons to online storage services, because they are a different type of technology.

Webify SOA Ok With IBM

IBM has purchased the Austin-based company and plans to integrate its technology with the WebSphere brand under IBM’s Software Group.

IBM Unveils Email Archiving For SMBs

The CommonStore eMail Archiving Preload runs on an AMD-powered blade server and works with Exchange and LotusNotes to provide email search, storage, and management functionality.

IBM Taps Drupal For Dev Project Tutorial

Part one of a new series at IBM developerWorks focuses on the choice of an open source content management platform for their closed community web site progress.

IBM Preps Entry-Level Business Search

While Big Blue already makes high-end enterprise search and content integration software, it found a need to make entry-level versions of those products available in the small to medium business markets.

Microsoft’s Move Into Communications

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a unified platform for e-mail, instant messaging, videoconferencing, and telephone calls. This move could serve to strengthen the company’s monopolistic characteristics. What’s more, the Redmond-based corporation intends to use Office 2007 as the communications platform.

IBM Offers Virtualization ‘Test Drive’

IBM launched a new partner program to help SMB clients better understand how utilize its Virtualization Engine for running multiple virtual servers on a single piece of hardware.

IBM Helps Apache Self-Heal

Big Blue gave a boost to the Apache Open Source Foundation today by lending its “self-healing” data automation software aimed at helping companies automate their data centers, which IBM says is especially useful in “virtual environments” where a system bottle neck can disrupt online transactions.