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$100 a Year for Google Site Search

I have been travelling so it took me a little while to write about Google Custom Search Business Edition. The name is a mouthful (sounds like the name of one of IBM’s products) but the price won’t give you indigestion—just $100 annually for up to 5,000 pages. So what should a Web site owner think about this offering?

Avatar Seeks Semantic Search
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Researchers at IBM Almaden have been developing a semantic search process that can delve into unstructured text to retrieve structured information.

IBM Sets Virtual World Rules for Employees

IBM’s guidelines for employee bloggers are fairly well known among people who pay attention to such things. Now, IBM has become (as far as I know) the first company to establish a policy for employees who venture into Second Life and other virtual words.

DC Comics Launches New Site

DC Comics is launching a new site called Zudacomics.com. The site will publish new content with new characters.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo Finds Tech Partners

Several companies now offer their products as complementary technologies to enhance the IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition enterprise search product.

IBM Skates On SEC Charges

Providing misleading financial guidance to analysts in 2005, as the SEC contended IBM did, never turned into anything as the two sides settled the dispute.

TLE Lowlights: Innovation?

Over the last couple of days you have probably been reading some of the highlights from the recent trip I did to Paris to attend

TLE Highlights: The Irony of Social Computing

As I have just mentioned, this is a follow up weblog post from the previous one I have shared regarding some of the highlights from IBM‘s 2007 Technical Leadership Exchange event held in Paris last week.

Back from IBM’s Technical Leadeship Exchange

Oh dear, where did that week go again? Goodness, I cannot believe that today is my first day back at work after having spent a fantastic week attending IBM‘s Technical Leadership Exchange conference event in Euro Disney, Paris, and then enjoying four wonderful days in lovely Paris doing a bit of sightseeing here and there! I know that I mentioned back then, before starting my trip, that I would be doing some more weblogging about the APQC KM & Innovation event and also about some of the stuff I have been exposed to during the course of the IBM event last week. But alas my network connectivity had other plans for me, errr, I mean, for us.

Coremetrics and IBM Deliver Web 2.0 Store

Coremetrics is working with IBM to offer retailers Web 2.0 and multichannel analytics. IBM has introduced WebSphere Commerce 2.0 Store solution, an ecommerce platform based on Web 2.0 technology, which gives users a streamlined experience.

IBM, Amazon Chill On Patent Fight

Call it a TKO win for IBM, as years of jabbing over a variety of patents held by IBM and disputed by Amazon have ended with Amazon agreeing to pay licensing fees for them.

IBM Mashup Summit

I’m at the IBM Mashup Summit in San Francisco today.  As we are within the bowels of a large enterprise, there is a process to follow to get wifi access, so I’m offline. 

Yahoo Expands IBM and McClatchy Relationships
Two significant announcements from Yahoo today.

First up, Yahoo and IBM have enhanced their joint enterprise search solution, to better compete with Google’s Enterprise Mini.

IBM Speeds Up With Omnifind Yahoo

The four-month cycle between the launch of the IBM Omnifind Yahoo Edition enterprise search and the latest release represents something of a land speed record for Big Blue.

IBM Creates Tool For The Blind

IBM has developed a multimedia browsing accessibility tool that helps blind and visually impaired people experience streaming video and animation on the Internet.

The multimedia-browsing tool offers people with visual impairment the same multimedia control features sighted people see and operate with a mouse. To experience a streaming video on a video-sharing Web site, visually impaired are able to select a "play" button by pressing a shortcut key to operate the media. The tool enables users to control video speed, volume and sound.

UFOCrawler Tracks Strangeness With IBM Omnifind

Olav Phillips at Anomalies.net has put the freely available IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition to work at UFOCrawler.com, where people can plumb the Internet for information on the unexplained.

IBM, Google Partner

IBM and Google have partnered to bring Google Gadgets to WebSphere Portal allowing users to create, customize and use Internet applications directly within the portal. In April, IBM will release a version of WebSphere Portal that will allow users to search an Internet directory of Google Gadgets that will operate on IBM’s software.

Users will be able to select from around 4,000 Google Gadgets such as language translators, package delivery tracking, Wikipedia information and YouTube postings. These features can be accessed through a company’s portal.

Second Life Customer Conversations

About a month ago a friend said the following before a hockey game (yeah – our team has very geeky locker room talk):

“Is IBM not making enough money these days? I hear they’re providing services for some online world”

IBM Seeks PC Time For World Community Grid

A little CPU could go a long way toward making inroads on several medical research fronts, including cancer, muscular dystrophy, and AIDS, and IBM promotes its World Community Grid to help with that.

IBM, Bazaarvoice Focus On Word Of Mouth

Bazaarvoice, a company focused on helping brands use online word of mouth to improve their businesses, announced it is teaming with IBM software to assist retailers in creating an interactive and customer centered shopping experience.

SCO Desperately Seeking Pamela Jones

Faced with what many believe is the imminent demise of their lawsuit against IBM over Linux code, SCO Group may be pursuing a ‘scorched earth’ strategy where they can drag the true identity of Groklaw’s Pamela Jones into public knowledge.

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