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IBM Banks Heavily On Quantum Computing

Scientific researchers at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. say they have come up with a quantum computing solution that harnesses the underlying quantum mechanics of Matter. The researchers say that they could deliver the technology within the next decade. A quantum computer would bring to reality a theoretical device capable of performing millions of computations at once. Matthias Steffen, …

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IBM Advances Practical Quantum Computer

Scientists at IBM have recently have made big gains in quantum computer device performance, which may speed up the realization of a practical, full-scale quantum computer, according to a press release on the matter. A quantum computer makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena to perform operations on data, and could be able to solve specific problems much faster than …

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Worklight Acquired By IBM

IBM just announced that it has completed the acquisition of Israeli smartphone/tablet software provider Worklight. The acquisition plans were announced at the end of January. IBM says Worklight will become an important piece of its mobility strategy, “helping clients dramatically reduce mobile application time to market, cost and complexity.” It will be integrated into IBM’s WebSphere Software business. “Additionally,” IBM …

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NASA: Goodbye To Mainframe Computer

NASA is saying goodbye to their last mainframe computer. Marshall Space Flight Center powered down their IBM Z9 last week and ushered in a new era where advanced calculation would no longer rely on the supercomputer. NASA CIO Linda Cureton explains that the high-cost, high-maintanence machine is no longer needed and that calculations can be done with an array of …

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IBM Fits A Bit Into Twelve Atoms

Science can sometimes just blow my mind. This is one of those times. Researchers at IBM last week stored a bit, the smallest form of computer memory, into 12 atoms. They make the point of saying that this is significantly less than today’s hard drives that use about one million atoms to store a single bit of information. They say …

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IBM: Teaching Organizations How to Grow

While Facebook and Twitter are keeping people connected to make the world a smaller place, IBM is working on selling similar types of software to organizations to help them communicate more efficiently with different segments of their business. Imagine being able to find the right expert at the right time, just by searching a database of your companies emails and …

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IBM Announces Social Analytics Services

IBM unveiled today a new set of software and services for social analytics in the enterprise. The main software product is IBM Connections for analytics, real-time data monitoring, and collaborative networks through IBM’s SmartCloud services. Included in the new offerings, as described by the company, are: New social analytics software that integrates wikis, blogs, activity streams, email, calendaring and more, …

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