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iAcquire Gets Rid Of Paid Link Offerings Following Google De-Indexing

Blogger Josh Davis recently put out an investigative report exposing the marketing firm iAcquire for engaging in paid links for clients. Once Google caught wind of it, iAcquire was de-indexed from Google’s search results. Now, the company has openly admitted to “financial compensation,” though it says it has been transparent about this with its clients. On Tuesday, iAcquire put out …

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Paid Links Scandal Gets Marketing Firm iAcquire De-Indexed From Google

Earlier this week, we posted an article about an investigation from blogger Josh Davis, which exposed marketing firm iAcquire for allegedly purchasing backlinks for clients. Davis’ report caught the attention of Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts: Follow @JoshDJosh Davis @JoshDSearch Secrets: How a prominent SEO company is covertly purchasing backlinks for a Fortune 1000 corporation. #LongRead   Follow @mattcutts …

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