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Girl Gets Stuck in Storm Drain Trying to Save Blackberry

Not worth it. Not even remotely. A 16-year old Dover, U.K. teen had to be rescued by firefighters after she descended (about half-way) into a storm drain in a misguided attempt to fetch her Blackberry, which had apparently fell out of her pocket. “I was talking to somebody and I went to put my phone in my pocket and it …

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Man Finds $98K in $150 Craigslist Desk, Returns It

In man, I guess people aren’t all bad news, a New Haven, Connecticut Rabbi has returned a woman’s entire inheritance after he found it in a bag inside a desk he purchased on Craigslist. Rabbi Noah Muroff and his wife purchased a desk for $150 on the online classifieds site, only to find that it wouldn’t quite fit through their …

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Reddit Users Surprise Terminally-Ill Man

Scott Widak, a forty-seven year old with Down syndrome who is now terminally-ill with liver disease, recently received a lot of encouragement from the Reddit community. Widak, who got tons of letters after a blog post, lives at home with his 85-year-old mother, who helps provide hospice care. His nephew, Sean O’Connor, reached out to the Reddit community in a …

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