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Google Cloud Platform Opens Up HTTP Load Balancing

A few months ago, Google unveiled HTTP load balancing for Google Cloud Platform. It was made available to certain customers who signed up for it, but it’s now open for preview to all customers. HTTP load balancing has been added to the Developers Console, and there are also some new commands in gcloud. Google says many customers have already signed …

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Twitter Now An Official Sponsor Of The Apache Foundation

Twitter has been on a roll recently. They are becoming one of the friendliest companies to developers, innovators and open source evangelists. Their latest move may just bump them up to god-like status. Twitter announced today that they are now an official sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a “non-profit and …

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Microsoft Proposes A Better Web With HTTP 2.0

If you ask people who have broadband Internet right now, they will probably say it’s pretty fast. The Web could be faster though and the answer lies in HTTP 2.0. The Internet Engineering Task Force is holding meetings on HTTP 2.0 this week and Microsoft has offered a proposal to help move things along. In a post on the interoperability …

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