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9 Interesting Measures To Find A Reliable Web Hosting Provider [Infographic]

If you’re planning to host a website you need to first register a web domain for your site. But how will you find a reliable web hosting provider (a company that will store your files on its servers) to deploy all your work online? The web hosting market is huge, and you need to know a few things before making …

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Ellen DeGeneres Talks Hosting the Oscars

While Ellen DeGeneres might be running around rehearsing for her hosting stint for the Oscars, one thing is for certain: she hasn’t lost her hilarious wit. “I like to shower. I like to shower first and comb my hair,” the 56-year-old said about her prep for the 86th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday. “I like to smell good. I’ll put …

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The New Has A Sense Of Humor

If you’ve followed the Righthaven saga at all, you probably know that the “copyright troll’s” domain was auctioned off as it struggled to pay court costs and fines. The owners of the domain put up a message on the site promoting content creation and indicating that it will soon be opening up a hosting service “with backbone”. Discussing about how …

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As previously reported, was sold in an online auction, and now, there is a big pro-content message on it, as a Switzerland-based hosting provider gears up to launch services at the site. For more background on why this amusing, peruse our past Righthaven coverage. First, just read the message: Most Revered Content Creator, You are the most important part …

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SOPA: GoDaddy Kind of Blacks Out

GoDaddy used to be in support of SOPA, now they’re not. You wouldn’t think that if you went to their site today. GoDaddy, on and off again supporter of SOPA, joined the other sites participating in the blackout today. The only issue is, where is it? Can you see the blackout? I couldn’t see it at first. Then you can …

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Google Services for Websites Goes to Plesk Panel

Google has announced that it’s expanded its Services for Websites program in which hosting companies integrate Google services into their platforms, to include Parallels, a provider of control panel software for hosting companies. Parallels will integrate Google Services for Websites into the new version of its Plesk Panel, a platform Google says millions of site-owners use to manage their sites.

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