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Star Trek Holodeck Gets a Step Closer to Reality

The Star Trek franchise has given us a vision of the future that looks pretty bright, for the most part. Aside from tangling with the occasional Borg cube, genetically-engineered Mexican Sikh, or omniscient smart-ass, things are almost utopian. And there are so many cool gadgets to play with: food replicators, transporters, phasers that can be adjusted to do almost anything. …

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Star Trek Holodeck Becomes Reality With Oculus Rift, Results Are Impressive

German scientists at the Max-Planch-Institute have created a way for us to experience the holodeck from Star Trek by using the wireless Oculus Rift. With this technology, the researchers were able to simulate travelling to different places around the world. It’s not quite as sophisticated as the Star Trek holodeck, but the results are impressive. Researchers placed several cameras throughout …

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Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Takes Gaming Beyond the Edge of the TV Screen

Microsoft Research, Microsoft’s department for experimental computer science projects, has unveiled the “IllumiRoom,” a projector system that extends the action in video games beyond the edge of the TV screen. What’s most impressive about it is that it doesn’t require a flat white background to work properly. Microsoft is currently demoing the project at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). …

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