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Facebook Lets U.S. Users Pay to Promote Posts

Apparently, we’re moving closer to a world where individuals can pay to make sure their friends see their witty status update or cute engagement photo. Today Facebook announced that they are expanding their Promoted Post for People test to the U.S. As long as you live in the U.S. and have less than 5,000 friends, you should see a “promote” …

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Facebook Expands Promoted Posts for Users Test

Facebook is once again testing the self-absorption and inherent narcissism of its users by allowing them to pay to make sure their witty statuses and clever amateur photography reach the maximum number of friends. Once a limited test, Facebook has confirmed that they are expanding the option for users to pay to promote posts. “We are expanding a test that …

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Facebook Tests Paid “Highlighting” Of Users’ Posts

We already know that world of Facebook in some way mirrors the offline world – especially for kids. On Facebook, you can still get that daily dose of embarrassment, rejection, isolation, and inane bickering that has been a part of offline life for hundreds of years. Now, Facebook is testing a new feature that would make it conform to another …

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Highlight CEO: We Have the Potential to Be the Next Twitter, Foursquare

Ambient social networking is taking the world by storm as startups such as Highlight are beginning to resonate with people. In case “ambient social networking” is new to you, it is a location phenomenon that runs silently in the background on mobile devices and notifies users if friends or acquaintances enter their vicinity. “It seems like a subtle thing, but …

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Social Discovery is BIG (and Creepy?) at SXSW

There’s a new trend in social media and application development, and it’s called “social discovery”. If you haven’t already heard the term a lot, you will soon. SXSW is famously an event where a lot of startups get to make their first major marks on the world. Some fizzle out. Some are Twitter. Quite a few are betting on the …

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SXSW 2012 Darling App “Highlig.ht” Facebook-Only Login Is a Deal-Breaker

One of today’s hot topics at SXSW is “ambient social networking”. And the charge in that area is led by the new location-based social app Highlig.ht. Here is what Highlight tells us about their product: Highlight is a fun, simple way to learn more about the people around you. If someone standing near you also has Highlight, their profile will …

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