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Morgan Freeman: Voice of God Huffs Helium on Fallon

Ever since Morgan Freeman spent “the longest night of [his] life” in Shawshank Prison as “Red” (“Maybe it’s because I’m Irish,”) narrating the travails of Andy Dufresne, he has been a sought-after voiceover artist. The Shawshank Redemption was in 1994. Prior to that, Freeman had filled Shakesperean roles in Julius Caesar and Coriolanus, a hard-hitting school principal in Lean on …

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Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Fallon Alter Pitch via Helium

Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon both altered the pitch of their voices on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this past week by inhaling helium–fresh from a balloon. It all started when Freeman agreed to conduct an interview with the late night host after inhaling the gas. It was a take off of sorts from the actor’s Emmy-nominated Science Channel …

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Yellowstone Helium Leaks: What Do They Mean?

Yellowstone National Park releases a variety of gases every day. These gases range from carbon dioxide to methane and according to scientists, helium. Although helium is a gas that is commonly leaked from volcanic rocks, scientists have discovered that the helium they have found is millions of years old and is just now being released from rocks that are deep …

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