ESPN Has Another Asian Athlete Headline Misstep

ESPN Has Another Asian Athlete Headline Misstep

By Chris Richardson March 2, 2012

After the Jeremy Lin mess, you would think ESPN’s editorial staff would be on high alert in relation to headlines aimed at sports figures with Asian backgrounds. But no; here were are again, after what was (hopefully?) an honest mistake …

Things To Remember When You Research Blogging
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Forgive me. I err on the side of art. That means I don’t like formulas much. Formulas give us over-saturation of reality shows, twisted versions of pure originals, and Spice Girl reunions. While I understand that making the intangible tangible can be valuable, the true visionaries pay no attention to how you’re supposed to do it.

Headline Creation Quick Tips

Headlines are tricky – especially when writing for the Web. You want to be search engine friendly, but at the same time, you don’t want to readers (or potential readers) to skim over the headline like it’s part of a technical manual.

Google Sallies Forth Into Singapore
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After months of rumors, Google has finally opened an office in Singapore.  The search engine giant is also reportedly in talks to open a research and development center on the island city-state – yes, let another round of rumors begin.

Reviewing Today’s SEO and Search Headlines

In my review of today’s SEO and search engine headlines I came across a few posts of interest that I would like to share with you:

Keyword Optimisation or Compelling Copy in Blog Titles?
Brian Clark has some excellent ideas for writing effective titles in his blog copyblogger. He has recently re-written headlines submitted by his readers along with a rationale for the changes. It’s a good way of demonstrating what works.

Memorable Search Visible Blog Posts


The user-friendliness of blogging software has made it easy for anyone who would like to communicate with the world to do so. That explains a large part of the millions and millions of blogs that now populate the blogosphere. Others who see the moneymaking potential of blogging by adding advertisements to their blogs add to the flood. Given this cacophony, how does anyone with a serious view to express ensure that it stands above the crowd?

Cool New Media Center Applications

Chris Lanier posts about two cool new Media Center apps.

TailRank, DiggTech, TechMeme and Google Reader

Kevin Burton released a new TailRank. Last week I asked the audience at ConvergeSouth how many people even knew about TechMeme. Very few hands went up.

Edit this Wired News

Last time someone tried this it was a disaster, but Wired News has boldly put an article about wikis into a Socialtext wiki for anyone to be a Wired editor:

Search Predicted Housing Drop

Queries for “homes for sale” had started to drop over a month before the National Association of Realtors disclosed their existing home sales figures for July.

Choose Customer Words, Not Organization Words

An organizational structure that may work very well for your internal needs may not work at all well for your customers. Here’s why.

Good Links are Like Good Headlines

Writing a blog post is not really that different to writing any other type of copy, especially when it comes to the headline of a post.

DOJ Interested In Digital Music Pricing

Subpoenas for more information from the major music labels are arriving from the Department of Justice, with industry sources claiming DOJ has opened a new investigation into possible industry collusion on prices.

Windows Development Processes Torn Apart

It’s interesting to watch the reactions to the Wall Street Journal article about how messed up Windows development processes were.

Syndicating Your Web Site’s Content with RSS and ASP.NET
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About a year ago I wrote an article titled, Syndicating Your Web Site’s Content with RSS.

Reprint Article headlines – the Reader is Secondary…

A great headline can be the difference between having your free reprint article published once (on your own website…) and having it published hundreds, if not thousands, of times all over the Internet.