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Bob Dylan: Equal Opportunity Insulter

As nice as he is, if Bob Dylan thinks you suck, you’ll end up in a song. Bob Dylan gets rave following from both sides of the political aisle. Whether it be for his songs raging against war profiteers, or …

Facebook Gets Rid Of Some Neo-Nazi Groups
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Facebook users may be glad to know that the social network is rid of a few neo-Nazi groups this morning.  After a protest arose over some anti-gypsy pages, Facebook pulled the things, citing terms of use that forbid intimidation and harassment.

Facebook Islam Row Highlights Free Speech Issues
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Historically, in the brick-and-mortar world, we’ve had courts to settle disputes. Online, there are terms of service agreements and invisible judges determining, usually at the behest of the loudest and largest mob, who is guilty of crossing the line between conscious protest and hate speech.

Canada Denies Request To Block Hate Content

Canadian telecom regulators denied the request of a Jewish human rights lawyer, asking the government to allow Internet service providers to block access to U.S.-based white supremacist’s websites.