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Hacking Google Talk’s Voicemail to Play MP3

Amit Agarwal has discovered that Google Talk’s new voicemail feature utilizes the Google Video player and can be hacked to play any MP3 of your choice.

Hacking A Listers

Ahh, why do I fall for this stuff? Nick Carr started a whole debate about why he doesn’t get enough traffic.

Orchard Plants Himself At Del.icio.us

Les Orchard, author of “Hacking del.icio.us,” has been in the process of making his way to Silicon Valley, where he will work for the Yahoo-owned Delicious bookmarking service.

Customer Evangelists or Corporate Hacks?

The New York Times captured the whole new era of customer evangelism with blogs.

OpenView Open To Hacking

French tech security firm FrSIRT has reported on a high-risk flaw in HP’s network management tool.

Computer Hacking An Inside Job

The greatest threat to your company’s system isn’t a script kiddie on vacation, but a malicious internal employee.

Coffee with a Living Legend

Today I had coffee with Mike Kaltschnee of Hacking Netflix, Ryan Saghir of Orbitcast (a great satellite radio blog I never heard of) and …

Hacking Netflix Blogger Interviewed

Keith O’Brien at PRWeek.com has a terrific interview with one of my favorite bloggers …

Apple Accuses RealNetworks of ‘Hacking’ iPod

RealNetwork’s plan to distribute iPod compatible tunes via its online music store has been sharply criticized by Apple. The new Harmony software from RealNetwoks is designed to allow users of their Rhapsody online music service to play music on the iPod and other competing devices.

Microsoft Employee Suspect in AltaVista Hacking
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Microsoft employee Laurent Chavet was arrested last week on allegations that he had illegaly accessed former employer AltaVista’s computer system.

Hacking the Google Numrange Operator
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For hardcore researchers Google launched a new number range search, allowing users to look for pages that contain numbers within a specified range. If you’re looking for that one Phil Collins song you loved so much in the early 80s and can’t remember the name simply type “phil collins 1980..1985″ without the quotes.

Hacking and Tech Mischief: Superior Ad Blocking on OS X
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I love surfing the web. I have DSL and I get pretty good download speeds (compared to 56K modems, insane download speeds). Even though I have a good connection, I still hate downloading obtrusive ads. You know those huge “skyscraper” ads, or those pesky Flash ads that seem to take forever to download?

SNMP Enumeration and Hacking
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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol that never seems to get the attention it deserves. As a “security expert” I am quite ashamed to say, that I was not fully aware of all the intricate possibilities that lie within SNMP, until quite recently.

Linux File Permission Confusion

File permissions, the most basic form of security control that exists on Unix-like systems, is still misunderstood by many.

Microsoft Asks Colleges to Teach Hacking

Students will learn how to hack into software and fix its bugs. Microsoft is working with a number of universities in several countries to set up courses that teach students how to write secure code, the company said Friday. The University of Leeds in England is the first to announce such a course.

Army Denies Hacking Incident

The U.S. Army is denying that its systems were compromised by a recently discovered buffer overflow vulnerability in a component of Microsoft Windows 2000 used to manage the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol. However, Pentagon sources acknowledged that an investigation into the compromise of a “military server” is now under way.

The Art Of Low-Tech Hacking

Ideally, a business partner promotes your business; they’re always on the lookout for new markets, and they work to find ways to improve your product or service.