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H5N1 Victim’s Family Members Speak Out

North America’s first bird flu related death happened in Canada on January 3, 2014. Details about the victim are still a little sketchy, but her family and friends remember her fondly and say that she was a dedicated nurse and …

H5N1 – Bird Flu Is Here In North America
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The first reported case of H5N1, the Bird or Avian flu, has touched down in North America, Canada to be exact. Canadian health officials have confirmed that it was the H5N1 flu that killed a resident of Alberta, Canada who …

Scientists Engineer Deadly Bird Flu (H5N1), Say It Could Cause a Global Pandemic
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The results of a controversial scientific study was published yesterday outlining the dangers of a potential H5N1 outbreak. The virus in its current form cannot easily be spread amongst humans in its current form because it cannot travel through the …