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Gross Yourself Out with AsapSCIENCE’s Look at Horrifying Parasites

Star YouTube scientific illustrators AsapSCIENCE often take their cues for their videos from suggestions in the YouTube comments – so I’d like to personally thank whoever suggested this gem. Parasites are just disgusting, and there’s a chance that you have one penetrating your bodily defenses right now. Somehow, even cute illustrations can’t lessen the creepiness of an anal worm. Gross. …

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Poop Is Gross, But the Poop Cycle Is Kind of Fascinating

Our favorite science illustrators AsapSCIENCE have just waded into some murky waters. Yes, they’re talking about poop – specifically what happens after you flush. Here’s the short version: You poop, it goes down a tube, all the poop pebbles get separated out, cleaned and used to build your toilets (how’s that for full circle). After that, people have to remove …

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Subway Employees Instagram Penis on Bread, Frozen Pee in a Bottle

Two Subway employees who posted incredibly gross photos of themselves on Instagram have been terminated. One photo shows an employee holding a bottle of frozen urine alongside the caption “Today at work I froze my pee.” And the other photo shows another employee putting his penis on an unbaked loaf of Subway bread. The photos have since been deleted, but …

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Burger King Employee Puts His Nasty Feet in Your Lettuce, Posts Image Online

True story: I stopped eating a Burger King over four years ago following a peculiar incident with one of the company’s drive-thru employees. Upon stopping at the first window to pay for my order, I was greeted by a woman who appeared to be having an extremely bad day. Being the kind and considerate individual that I am (shut up), …

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Fear Factor To Feature Donkey Semen Stunt: Twitter Reacts

NBC executives are furious after the show Fear Factor recently revealed they would have contestants drink an entire beer mug of donkey semen with the addition of a hefty glass of donkey urine to finish. NBC was so upset, they nearly decided to remove the stunt altogether. In the stunt contestants would have to chug both the semen and the …

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