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Chuck Norris Endorses Greg Abbott For Texas Governor

Chuck Norris is still best-known for his on-screen roles in TV shows and movies such as Walker, Texas Ranger and Lone Wolf McQuade, but for a few years now the martial artist’s conservative political views have been getting headlines. The most prominent example of this came two years ago when Norris and his wife released an anti-Obama video on YouTube …

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Wendy Davis Responds To Attack Ads With More Attack Ads

Wendy Davis is going head to head with her opponent, Greg Abbott, in Texas’ gubernatorial race. Dueling accusations are being thrown and deflected on the part of both campaigns. The attack ads are out in force. Davis’ latest ad accuses Attorney General Abbot of covering up a sexual abuse scandal in the West Texas State School. Meanwhile, Abbot released his …

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Wendy Davis Seeks Campaign Funds Outside Texas

Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis is seeking campaign funds outside the state to support her bid for governor, thus far raising over four times more out-of-state than her opponent, Republican Greg Abbott. “Texas is a huge state,” said national Democratic fundraiser Kristin Oblander. “The budgets for these races are immense, and the pressure for fundraising is huge.” Davis is smartly …

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