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New York Times Debuts New Chinese Language Website

One of the benefits to China being an emerging market in the world is that there is now the possibility to gain access to 1.6 billion new customers. The New York Times, with its lagging subscriber base, is trying to do just that when they launched a Chinese language version of their site at cn.nytimes.com. They just have to hope …

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Does China Have An Internet Kill Switch?

Anonymous has been battling China’s Great Firewall for the past two weeks after an initial attack that left many government Web sites defaced with instructions on how to get around said firewall. It’s going to take Anonymous a while to even make a crack in the firewall, which makes the events of this past week all the more perplexing. The …

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Facebook’s Play on China

With Facebook soon going public, and its founder Mark Zuckerberg in China once again, one might speculate how the social networking giant might traverse the largest internet market in the world, where its site is currently banned. William Moss at Rectified.name has compiled a chart describing possible scenarios regarding how Facebook handles China. The chart suggests four possible routes Facebook …

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Pakistan Scraps Firewall

Pakistan, a country which recently placed print ads to recruit non free-speech minded internet professionals for the “development, deployment and operation of a national level URL Filtering and Blocking System,” now says that it has scrapped its idea for the firewall. The Pakistani plan to block over 50 million URL’s would’ve put it up there with China and its Great …

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