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Google Rapper Welcomes You to the Googleplex

25-year-old Baltimore native Andrew Fink works for Google at their offices in NYC. He is also an aspiring rapper. Given those two facts, it makes perfect sense that he would release a rap about Google. “Welcome to google, this is the googleplex / The home of where the futures kept.” Fink lets us know that Google is more than search, …

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Pay Pal Co-Founder Funds A Floating City…For Science

Blueseed co-founder and CEO Max Marty has a dream. In his dream there is a floating city of sorts 12 miles off shore from Silicon Valley in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The project, named Blueseed, is an idea that it would operate as a kind of floating laboratory for entrepreneurs who can’t officially immigrate to America due …

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Google Village: The Googleplex Goes To SXSW

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Google’s going to this year’s South by Southwest music festival. SXSW is cool, Google is cool (right?), so they play well together. What is surprising, however, is that Google decided it wasn’t enough to just send its envoys to the festival and have instead chosen to construct a makeshift Googleplex for the duration of SXSW. …

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Life At Google: Photos And Videos

Ever wonder what life’s like at Google? If so, you may want to follow Google’s Life at Google Google+ Page and YouTube channel. They are posting numerous images and videos from inside Google’s various offices. This week, Google is sharing a slew of photos from the Mountain View Googleplex. Here are some of them. Notice the basketball court and putting …

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