Google Rapper Welcomes You to the Googleplex

Google Rapper Welcomes You to the Googleplex

By Josh Wolford March 4, 2013 | 2 Comments

25-year-old Baltimore native Andrew Fink works for Google at their offices in NYC. He is also an aspiring rapper. Given those two facts, it makes perfect sense that he would release a rap about Google. “Welcome to google, this is …

New Googleplex Established In Brussels

Google has branched out (or more accurately, built up) yet again.  Simon Hampton, Director of European Policy and Public Affairs, announced today that the search giant’s established a Googleplex in Brussels, Belgium.

Hampton explained on the European Public Policy Blog, "Until now, our small policy team in Brussels worked from temporary abodes.  From now on, you can find us at Chausse d’Etterbeek 180 1040 Bruxelles, right in the heart of the European quarter."

Plan For Impressive “Yahooplex” In Motion

Either Yahoo learned nothing from the real estate bubble, or the company’s got something pretty fantastic up its sleeve.  Or it’s just sending out feelers, not preparing to pour concrete.  Anyway, a fresh report indicates that Yahoo’s taken a step towards building a large, new campus.

SES San Jose – Google Dance Photos

Didn’t make the Google Dance? Never fear, live the experience with the photos I just uploaded. A selection below.

Google Dance

The Interns are Taking Over the Googleplex!

The interns are taking over the Googleplex! Seriously, if you want to know why Google is so intent on reaching geniuses at an early age, you need look no further than today’s upgrades to Google Reader.

Obama To Unveil Plans At The Googleplex

Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama will be speaking at the Googleplex tonight to outline his plan to ensure not only an open Internet, but also an open government that utilizes technology to solve pressing national issues.

Is Google Building a New Googleplex?
There is a buzz going on in the industry that Google is planning to build a new campus in Northern California. This information came into the limelight in a job description for Director Real Estate and Workplace Services (HQ/NorCal) – Mountain View, found by David Dalka.

The job description goes like this:

Palo Alto Becomes Facebookplex?

We’ve posted about Facebook’s skyrocketing ad rates, about its growing user base, and now there’s news about the company expanding in a physical sense, as well.  This only makes sense, I suppose, but it’s apparently having quite an effect on the surrounding city.

Google Leases Land In Chelsea

I’ve always said that, if I got sufficiently rich, I’d start buying land.  Land belonging to neighbors, land belonging to businesses – pretty much any land I could see, until I owned my own suburb, city, or state.  Now, I’ll never be that wealthy, but Google already is, and the company is leasing a suspicious amount of space in Chelsea, New York.

Googleplex To Grow – A Lot

It shouldn’t be much longer before the name “Mountain View” becomes absolutely synonymous with the term “Googleplex” – a new report indicates that Google is going to lease a fresh 310,000 square feet of space.

Pirates of the Googleplex?

Fans have flocked by the millions to theatres worldwide to take in the first two installments of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. While Captain Jack Sparrow is enjoying the spotlight, however, the film studios are turning their attention and ire toward pirates of another sort.

Apple’s iPhone Then Google’s GPhone

France Telecom’s mobile phone unit, Orange, reportedly sent executives to the Googleplex to discuss a potential partnership.

Hanging at the Googleplex

What a busy day! Up at 4:30am to catch a flight from Raleigh to San Jose. Pick-up the rental car and head straight to Google’s offices, aka “the Googleplex”.

Live from the GooglePlex: Sullivan and Cutts

Next week there will be a “must listen” SEO Rockstars and Daily SearchCast show on WebmasterRadio.fm.

China Wars: The Googleplex Strikes Back

After being a media piata over the course of the week, Google has come back firing at its critics, led by a lengthy post by its senior policy counsel, Andrew McLaughlin.

Yahoo Replaces Googleplex With Fish Store

It’s not all algorithms and Ajax in the search engine business; Yahoo’s map team found some time to playfully poke Google while building the latest beta of Yahoo Maps.

Taiwanese Expats Visit Googleplex

Taiwanese expatriates living in the Silicon Valley area demonstrated outside the Googleplex on Tuesday for a demonstration of solidarity after Google removed a reference from Google Maps labeling Taiwan a “province of China,” the Taipei Times reports.