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Google Introduces Style Guide For HTML And CSS

I have a good friend who defines himself as a street coder. He taught himself all the code he knows and he sometimes uses strange code that nobody would ever think to use. It gets him by and sometimes is even better, but there are standards for a lot of reasons. It’s especially helpful when you have teams of coders, …

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Google Explains Its Responsive Webpage Design

Though Google realizes that multiple versions of a website can help tailor that site for display on a specific device, Google uses a different approach for displaying websites on a wide variety of devices. Instead of having separate websites for PC’s, iPhones, Androids, feature phones, etc., Google uses dynamic page shaping they call responsive design to make sure their web …

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Google Adds More Top Search Query Data

Google has been adding more and more value to their Webmaster tools which really should help those of you just starting a Website or perhaps just need more help in attracting traffic. Either way, one of the best tools available is the ability to look at the top search query data. Google is making that data even more valuable. Google …

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