Google Is Shutting Down More Services

Google Is Shutting Down More Services

By Chris Crum August 6, 2012

Google announced late on Friday that it is shutting down a few more services: Google Apps For Teams, Google Listen and Google Video for Business. “We introduced Google Apps for Teams in 2008 to allow people with a verified business …

Reasons to Use Google Video for Businesses
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Google Video for Business has got a couple of new features. They are captions and larger uploads.

Captions can obviously open up communication on a whole new level with subtitles alone. This makes videos more accessible to those who cannot hear well and those who speak other languages. As far as uploading, users with Google Gears can upload videos of up to 1 GB. Before it was only 300 MB.

Make it Easier for Google to Crawl Your Videos

Last week, Google announced the end of some of its services, and among them was the ability for users to upload videos to Google Video. They said they would be refocusing their attention on building a more comprehensive video search engine, and why not? They’ve already got YouTube.

Google Shuts Down Services, Cuts Jobs

Google has decided to shut down some of its services, as well as trim some recruiting jobs, and consolidate engineering offices. Services that Google is shutting down include:

Google Video Gets Updated Again

Google Video’s existence continues to be a bit of a mystery; after Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube, you’d think the company would be able to concentrate on just it.  Still, users of Google Video are likely to be happy about a new redesign.

Google Accepting Video Sitemaps

Google will make use of an extension to the Sitemaps protocol to do a better job of indexing the videos people publish.

Google Video Called On Copyright Violations

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) sent a report yesterday to members of Congress detailing the extent of likely copyright violations on Google Video.

Watchdog Group Growls At Google Video

The National Legal and Policy Center has launched a list of the "Top 50" full-length movies, cable programs and music concerts hosted on Google Video, which they say, are likely without the copyright owner’s knowledge or permission.

“Sicko” Shows Up On YouTube, Google Video
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Since misunderstandings occur so frequently between just two or three people, it’s possible to appreciate how a much larger group could get mixed up.  Still, when that larger group is Google, and the mix-up involves Google Video, YouTube, and a copyrighted film that has yet to be released, somebody’s bound to get angry.

Google Video Now Search Engine

Google Video went through many reincarnations in the past. It allegedly started out as one of those 20% side projects within Google, and Larry Page admitted, “We’re not quite sure what we’re going to get, but we decided we’d try this experiment.”

Google Update Video Search Engine
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Google Video is now more search engine than video site as the search giant revamps it to include framing similar to how they present images on Google video.

Google Video Search
Google Video Search

Google Video Privacy Problem

Loren Baker found a DigitalPoint thread exposing a potential security weakness in Google Video this week which could raise a legitimate privacy concern. Use the Google Video feature to “Post to my blog” and your password and login information are not protected. No https, no encryption, no SSL: they’re listed right in the headers.

Google Video Borrowing From Metacafe

If Google Video doesn’t have the clip you’re looking for, you may be able to find it at Metacafe – through Google Video.  Yes, Google’s (less popular) video-sharing site now appears to be offering search results from sources other than Google Video and YouTube.

Blinkx Expects To See $50 Million

It seems like only yesterday that we first heard Blinkx would go public.  It was actually around 20 days ago, but still, the video search engine has now, in the figurative blink of an eye, announced that it expects the financial maneuver to bring in 25 million pounds.

Blinkx To Go Public

The idea of a “Google killer” has lost most of its meaning – challenger after challenger came along, assumed that title, and proceeded to fail miserably.  Google Video may face a real threat in the form of Blinkx, however – the Autonomy corporation has announced plans to demerge that video search engine.

Google Adds Video Sharing To Orkut

Ever since Google’s widely publicized acquisition of YouTube, video enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit to see how the search giant would integrate the video-sharing site into the framework of its proprietary services. It appears that Google has chosen Orkut for its first YouTube mashup.

BBC, Google Video Near Deal

Want to find an old Monty Python clip? Or watch a Mr. Bean sketch? Odds are that you can do so at Google Video, even though the BBC never gave its permission. This story isn’t about some impending lawsuit, though – reports indicate that “the Beeb” wants to strike a deal with Google and make even more content available.