Google Turns Off The TV Ads In Favor Of Other Ad Products

Google Turns Off The TV Ads In Favor Of Other Ad Products

By Chris Crum August 31, 2012 | 1 Comment

Google is shutting down Google TV Ads. The company announced as much in a blog post Thursday night. “Our goal is to provide all our customers with the best digital marketing opportunities,” said Google’s Shishir Mehrotra. “In 2007, we launched …

Is the Future of TV Advertising Dependent on Search?
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The Wall Street Journal has the Blogosphere abuzz with rumors of Google testing a new set-top box with Dish Network, which would allow people to search television and online video content like YouTube. Google has given the usual "we don’t comment on rumor or speculation" statement on the subject.

A&E Television Becomes Google TV Ads Partner

An advertising program that gives marketers access to little or no popular content isn’t worth much.  Fortunately for Google, Google TV Ads is moving further and further in the opposite direction, and today, an announcement concerning yet another well-known network was made.

Google Obtains Access To TiVo Data

Google TV Ads is about to become a significantly more powerful marketing system.  A new pact with TiVo will allow Google to gather (and then pass on) very precise data about which commercials are being viewed, and even (to a lesser degree) who is doing the watching.

Google Adds Ovation TV As TV Ad Partner

Google has reportedly worked out another deal for its TV Ads unit. According to AdWeek, Google now counts Ovation TV, the arts cable channel among its TV Ads partners.

Google TV Ads Gets Game (Show Network)

Companies that haven’t yet given Google TV Ads a shot should consider themselves presented with about 65 million new reasons to do so.  Google TV Ads has connected with the Game Show Network and its 65 million viewers.

To a certain degree, this move makes more sense than other advertising tie-ups.  Game shows often involve money and products that are available for purchase, after all, putting their viewers into a consumer-y frame of mind.

New AdWords Interface Comes to Google TV Ads

Google announced that its TV advertisers now have access to the new AdWords interface. Users will be able to access the old one for a while, but by the end of the month, they will have no choice but to use the new one.

TV advertisers that aren’t already familiar with the new interface will want to get acquainted. They can start with the following video:

Google TV Ads Go Broadway
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Google announced today that it has entered a television advertising agreement with Broadway Systems. Apparently Broadway Systems announced this back on the 16th, but Google is talking about it today on the Traditional Media blog.

Google TV Ads Attracts More Attention, Money

The fall TV schedules have been unveiled, and some rather good shows met their end as costs were weighed against ratings.  Behind the scenes, Google TV Ads is continuing to pull in the dough, however, as new deals have apparently been sealed between it and several large companies. 

Google to Advertise Chrome on TV
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Google is not known for being a big television advertiser despite the company’s own platform for distributing television ads (which is getting more targeted according to recent discussions from Google).

Google is now testing those waters for itself though. The Google Japan team created a video promoting the Google Chrome browser, and the company is taking it to televisions.

Google Aims to Increase Relevancy for Ads on TV
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Google is offering a look into its process for measuring and analyzing data from television ads. It’s interesting to see the metrics they use and how they are trying to make television ads more relevant to viewers.

Google TV Ads Gets Hands On Hallmark Inventory

The Hallmark Channel reaches roughly 86 million homes, which, whether or not you dash to the couch every night to watch it, is impressive.  And starting today, Google TV Ads is allowing users to reach the same audience.

Google TV Ads Online Launched in Beta
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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Google was testing an online version of its Google TV Ads. They’re now launching Google TV Ads Online in beta by invitation only.

Google Taking TV Ads Online
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Google is reportedly readying a service that will allow advertisers to distribute ads across not only television through Google TV Ads, but through YouTube as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, the service is called Google TV Ads Online, and will be launched within the next several months.

Google Shows Paid Search/TV Relationship
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Google has conducted a study looking at how paid search affects TV viewing habits. The results are pretty interesting.

Adam StewartAdam Stewart, Google’s Industry Director for Media & Entertainment tells WebProNews that the research confirms that paid search is an effective way to build traffic for a network’s website and, as a result, increase viewership for content like online video.

Google TV Ads Reporting Options Improved

It’s getting hard to imagine how the Google TV Ads team could make things any easier on marketers.  After these promoters have been given suggestions concerning which shows are best-suited to a given audience, a new series of features and options will report back ad viewership data in greater-than-ever detail.

Google TV Ads Moves Forward With MSNBC

Google TV Ads is on a roll.  About 15 days ago, the division struck a breakthrough deal with CNBC, and there was official talk of partnerships between it and MSNBC, Oxygen, and SciFi moving forward "in the coming months."  Now the MSNBC arrangement’s been made, and advertisers have gained access to an enormous audience.Google Tv

A post on the goofily named Let’s Take It Offline blog explains, "[A]s a result of our partnership with NBC Universal Google TV Ads advertisers can reach over 91 million households who watch MSNBC."