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Do Google’s Direct Answers Improve Search Results?

Last year at its Searchology event, Google introduced Google Squared, the company’s Labs project aimed at building collections of facts from the web for any topic specified by the user. A year later (to the day), Google announced that Squared is already being integrated into its search engine.

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Google Highlights Answers in Search Results

Google has launched a new feature for search called "answer highlighting." This is based on Google Squared, Google’s structured data project announced last year at the company’s Searchology event. What it does is highlight answers to applicable queries within the search snippet.

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Google Shares Search Predictions

This time of year everybody likes to start making predictions about where industries are heading. This is especially true in the search industry. My guess is that we will see quite a few pieces this month regarding where search is going in 2010. These can make for entertaining reads and get the mind going with regards to how we are going to have to plan for an ever-changing future of search engine marketing.

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Google Decides Its Now Hip to Be Square

Google Squared went live today. You may recall that it was introduced at Google’s Searchology event last month, at the same time the "search options" feature was released. Following is a demo from the event:

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Google Aims to Square Away Relevancy

At Google’s Searchology event today, the company discussed a new feature coming soon to Google Labs. It’s called Google Squared and will apparently pull unstructured data right from the web and put it into spreadsheets.

From the sound of it, you can search for something and receive a list of info that relates to that query.

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