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Google Sky Ups Ante With Slooh Partnership

If Google’s earnings report hadn’t gone well yesterday afternoon, we’d perhaps raise an eyebrow over the company’s latest partnership.  Google posted some stellar financial results, however, making a deal involving Google Earth and a firm called Slooh look like just one more endearing quirk.

Slooh is, by the way, a company that deals in astronomy.  It describes itself as "an online Space Camera that streams live views from robotic telescopes stationed in the Canary Islands, Chile and Australia."

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Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope Beta

Microsoft offered a sneak peak back in February, and as of Tuesday the public beta of WorldWide Telescope has been made available, according to a Press Release issued by Microsoft.

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Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope On Its Way

Google Sky isn’t supposed to generate tons of revenue, so from a business perspective, it doesn’t matter if there are competitors.  Still, towards the end of this month, a little toe-stepping may take place as Microsoft releases its WorldWide Telescope.

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