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Google Expected To Expand ‘Ok, Google’ With ‘Always-On’ Listening On Android

The Moto X lets you search Google without touching the device. It utilizes “always-on” listening, which makes the device more useful when you’re doing other things (like driving). Rumor has it that this type of functionality is coming to the Google Search App. Android Police (via Search Engine Land) is very confident in its source, reporting: For now, it seems …

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Google Gets Better At Calling Your Mom

Google announced that an update to the Google search app on Android makes it easier to call or text family members, by letting you use words like “wife” and “mom”. Google will simply recognize who you’re talking about without you having to specify who your wife is, who your mom is, who your daughter is, etc. If you use such …

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Google Now Adds Site Updates, Traffic Incidents, TV Recommendations And More

Google has added some interesting new cards to Google Now for Android. The features come in the latest update of the Google Search app. Google has added a Website update card, which could mean more traffic for publishers. It brings the latest posts from sites the user frequents, “so you’ll never miss a story.” There’s a new News topic card, …

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Make Your Kids (And Potential Employers) Think You’re Smarter Than You Are With The Google Search App

Google has put out a couple new ads for its Search App. The last time they did that (in November), we saw a little girl and her mother figure out how to come up with a Martin Van buren costume and an umpire use Voice Search to look up the strike zone in a baseball game. In the new ones, …

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It’s Not Google Maps, But Google Has A New Search App For iOS (With Enhanced Voice Search)

Google has launched a new Google Search app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, complete with enhanced voice search, leading many to draw comparisons to Apple’s own Siri. “When you have a question, finding the answer should be effortless—wherever you are and whatever device you’re using,” says Google Search engineer Kenneth Bongort. “The new Google Search app for iPhone and …

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