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Google Talks About Getting Your Images Removed From Google Images

Last week, Google’s Matt Cutts posted a video talking about why Google, in most cases, won’t remove pages about you from its index. Today, Google has uploaded a similar video about removal of images from Google Images. Instead of Matt Cutts, this time the explanation comes from Google Consumer Experience Specialist Jeff LaFlam. For the most part, the advice is …

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Google Details How They Crawl Images, Offers Tips

It’s pretty clear now how Google crawls Web sites to get the results you search for. Heck, we can’t go a week without Google updating us on how they’re changing the algorithm that determines search results. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much on how Google crawls for images – until now. In a lengthy post on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google …

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Flickr Announces Justified View, A Seamless Display Of Contacts

Flickr’s got a new way for users to view their contacts that, if you’re a regular user of Google’s image search, may appear a little familiar to you. The new viewing option announced by Flickr, called Justified, creates a mosaic of images from your contacts using a seamless display of images associated with your contacts. Or, as Flickr describes it …

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Google Images Safe Search No Longer Blocks ‘Sex’

I remember searching for reproductive systems during high school on Google Images to find some pictures for a science project. I’ll leave it up to your imagination what I found. Well. Google is now making it easier for other children to make the same mistake I did. Page Traffic Buzz has found that Google no longer blocks searches for “sex” …

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Google Adding Improvement To Related Image Searches

Google is bringing an improvement to their image search function. Spoiler: It’s a really good improvement. Peter Linsley, product manager for Google, detailed today on the official

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