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Why And How To Use Google’s New Cloud Storage Nearline

Google announced the launch of Google Cloud Storage Nearline, a new service for cold (or infrequently accessed) data storage. The company touts its fast performance and low cost. Data is made immediately available with about 3-second response times, and the cost is 1c per GB for data at rest. The service is for data in which you’re willing to pay …

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Google Just Eased Some Security Concerns About Cloud Storage

Google announced that Google Cloud Storage now encrypts all data before it’s written to disk. Better yet, this will cost you nothing extra. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything extra or change any settings. Data is simply decrypted when read by an authorized user. “If you require encryption for your data, this functionality frees you from the …

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Google Ups Its Cloud Platform Support Game

Google announced the launch of a new set of support packages for services on the Google Cloud Platform today. These cover App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, etc. “While you can go to Stack Overflow or Google Groups, we realize some of you may need 24×7 coverage, phone support or direct access to a Technical Account Manager …

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Google Cloud Storage And What It Can Do For Your Site

Google has is now conducting regular Google+ Hangout Office Hours videos for Google Cloud Storage. Google shared this video about CNAME Redirection and Website Configuration, which gives you the ability to serve an entire site directly from Google Cloud storage. The video includes a tech talk presentation, followed by Q&A. A demo begins at about 17:30 into the video. Google …

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