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Google Launches Cloud Print Tools For Windows

Google announced the launch of a couple new Google Cloud Print tools today to benefit Windows users: Cloud Printer and Cloud Print Service. The former, Google says, makes it possible to print to any cloud printers from Windows apps like Adobe Reader. The latter runs as a Windows service, so admins can connect existing printers to Cloud Print in their …

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There’s Now A Google Cloud Print Android App

Google has launched a Google Cloud Print app for Android, enabling users to print from their Android devices to any Cloud Print connected printer. You can use the app to easily print pictures or documents from other apps, and track the status of print jobs. Android has supported Cloud Print for some time, but it didn’t have a standalone app …

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Chrome OS Gets Some User Interface Tweaks

Is it just me or is Chrome OS getting more and more WIndows-looking? Remember, when you just signed in, and you were in Chrome, and that was basically it? Google has gradually added more of a traditional operating system-like interface to its OS, and that continues today with the latest stable update, which introduces a new redesigned app list (pictured …

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Google Cloud Print Now Available for FedEx Locations and Ice Cream Sandwich

Google announced today over at the Google Chrome Blog that the Google Cloud Print service has been expanded. Paolo Ferraris, a Software Engineer at Google, announced that, as of today, the service can be used to print to any FedEx location. By choosing the “Print to FedEx Office” option (shown above) in Cloud Print, a user will be provided with …

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