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Google Maps Adds Pokemon Challenge Mini-Game

The Google Maps division over at Google today announced a new Pokemon-branded mini-game that has come to the Google Maps app. The game challenges Google Maps users to explore the world and “catch” 150 different Pokemon scattered throughout the surface of the Earth. In a post on the Google Maps blog, Google characterized master Pokemon trainers as having the same …

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Google Fiber Poles Is One April Fools’ Joke That Should Become Reality

Google loves to announce fake products and services on April Fools’ Day, and I’m fine with some products remaining pranks. Its latest joke product, however, would actually be pretty cool if it were real. Google Fiber Poles is the first prank product to come out of Google Fiber, and it’s actually a pretty neat idea: Google Fiber Poles actually presents …

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Gmail Tap: LL Cool J Tells You Everywhere You Can Tap It

“You can tap it in the morning, you can tap it in the kitchen, you can tap it at night, you can tap it in the bathroom, you can tap it, you know, on a seesaw.” Those are some of the advantages to Gmail Tap, Google’s revolutionary new service that simplifies the keyboard. Are your fingers too fat for all …

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