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Google Apps Continue to Create Corporate “Kumbayas” Google Apps Continue to Create Corporate “Kumbayas”
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The Roche Group, one of the world’s leading research-focused healthcare groups has joined the Congregation of other corporations singing praises for Google Apps as the solution to their communication and collaboration problems. The problem for the Roche Group was how …

Google Privacy Changes: Google Apps Admins, Users Get Notified Google Privacy Changes: Google Apps Admins, Users Get Notified

Google Apps users and admins have now been getting emails about Google’s highly publicized new privacy policy changes. Users are getting the same email that other Gmail users have been receiving throughout the past week. Admins are getting a different …

Gmail Gets New Business Features [Google Apps] Gmail Gets New Business Features [Google Apps]
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Google announced some new management features for Gmail in Google Apps. These include: improved email compliance footers, approved/blocked sender lists and file attachment policies. “These capabilities help our customers address compliance requirements and effectively manage email traffic,” says Gmail Product …

BBVA Gives Google Biggest Google Apps Contract To Date BBVA Gives Google Biggest Google Apps Contract To Date
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Google and Spanish financial services company Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) announced today that BBVA is now using Google Apps, in what is reportedly Google’s biggest enterprise contract to date (at least based on number of users), though the terms …

Google+ Pages Roll Out Includes Google Apps Google+ Pages Roll Out Includes Google Apps

As you may know, Google announced today that it’s finally rolling out Google+ Pages for businesses, brands and products. Fortunately for businesses using Google Apps, it’s integrated there as well. It was actually just less than two weeks ago that …

Google Apps Status Dashboard Gets an Update Google Apps Status Dashboard Gets an Update
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Google has made some changes to the Apps Status Dashboard – the site that shows outages and downtime of Google products, with descriptions of the issues at hand. Now, it shows more of a timeline format that is updated as …

Google Continues to Improve Accessibility Google Continues to Improve Accessibility
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Earlier this week, we looked at some improvements Google made to its Hangouts feature in Google+, specifically in terms of accessibility and sign language. They improved video quality and made it so it’s easier to see signing. Google has also …

Google Makes Google Apps Admins’ Jobs Easier Google Makes Google Apps Admins’ Jobs Easier
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Google announced today that all Google Apps admins can start taking advantage of some new features the company has introduced. These include delegated administration, multi-domain support and “fine-grained” user policy management. Delegated administration was revealed in May. The feature essentially …

Gmail for iPhone Gets Connection Bar

Honestly, most people will do anything to avoid running apps through Safari.  If there is a way to launch directly from the home screen, it will be found.  I am most definitely one of those people.  There is one exception …

Google Picked For Royal Wedding Site Hosting Duties

Months ahead of the actual wedding date, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton has generated all sorts of media attention and page views, with people all over the world taking an interest.  And now Google’s right in the midst of it, as the search giant’s been picked to host the official Royal Wedding website.

Major Real Estate Firm Switches To Google Apps
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Chalk up another win for Google Apps.  Fairview Cadillac, a real estate firm with 1,800 employees and a portfolio worth over $19 billion, is switching to it, and an exec has gone on the record outlining the forecast monetary savings and other benefits.

Google Apps Users Get New Gmail Contacts Features

Google announced that it’s rolling out an updated version of Gmail Contacts for Google Apps. In addition to improvements made to Contacts for regular Gmail users last summer, the new version comes equipped with some business-specific features. 

Google Launches Cloud Connect Worldwide

Google has announced the worldwide availability of Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. The product was first announced in November, spawned from the company’s acquisition of DocVerse, which specialized in real-time sharing and editing of documents. 

Cloud Connect lets Office users automatically sync and backup their documents with Google Doc, so they’re always accessible on the web, and able to be shared with others. 

“Guide To Going Google” Debuts

When making a big decision, many people like to do some research on their own before meeting with a salesperson.  And sellers might prefer this arrangement, too, since it saves them from having to answer the same basic questions over and over.  So Google’s probably made a wise move by releasing a "Guide to Going Google" for schools and universities.

Google Commits to 99.99% Uptime for Google Apps
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Google has announced that it has made some changes to its service level agreement (SLA) for Google Apps, to reduce the possibility that users will experience any downtime. The company says it has eliminated maintenance windows from the SLA, so Google will never plan for users to be down when they’re upgrading services or maintaining their systems. 

Google Adds Email Authentication Feature to Google Apps
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Google has added DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signature availability to Google Apps customers. 

Federal Agency Moves Email Completely to Cloud with Google
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The United States General Services Administration (GSA) is moving 17,000 employees and contractors to Google Apps for Government, reportedly replacing their use of several different versions of IBM’s Lotus Notes and Domino Software. Microsoft isn’t thrilled. 

Google Apps Gets Much More Useful to Businesses
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Google has widely expanded Google Apps to incorporate many more of the company’s offerings so that businesses and other organizations can use and administrate them more efficiently. Before Google Apps users only had access to a few of Google’s products like Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, and a few others. 

Leading Australian Businesses “Go Google”
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Google Apps has been on something of a roll lately, sealing deals with a number of American universities and businesses.  But it seems to have achieved success on a grander scale in Australia, where two very large companies today announced plans to "go Google."

NYU Commits To Google Apps

Early last month, we talked about "most or all" of the students in New York being put in touch with Google as the state of New York became a Google Apps partner.  Now that’s even more the case, as New York University has also signed on.

Obviously, the two developments won’t take place on the same scale, considering that around 3.1 million students and a few hundred thousand teachers are supposed to be affected by the public school system deployment.

New York State Educational System Goes Google

New York is America’s fifth-largest state by population, and soon enough, most or all of the individuals who attend school there will be put in touch with Google.  Google announced this morning that Google Apps has secured New York state as another partner.

This is a big, big step for Google.  Previous arrangements concerning Google Apps and school systems only involved Oregon (the 27th-largest state by population), Iowa (30th), Colorado (22nd), and Maryland (19th), introducing a total of about eight million students and teachers to Google Apps to date.