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Yale’s Deployment Of Google Apps Delayed

When we first reported that Yale was poised to adopt Google Apps, the development seemed like a big win for Google.  The situation’s now looking a bit different, though, as the prestigious university has postponed its school-wide switch to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and other products from Mountain View.

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Google Launches YouTube Channel To Showcase Apps Marketplace Additions

Google has launched a YouTube channel for its recently released Google Apps Marketplace. The Apps marketplace is a place where developers can create apps that integrate with Google Apps and sell them to users. According to Google, they can reach over 2 million businesses and 25 million users.

The YouTube channel should be a good place to checkout some of the apps that are available in the marketplace, and see what they can do.

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City Of Orlando Cuts Costs 62 Percent With Google Apps

The city of Orlando loves Google, and it’s not hard to understand why – according to the city’s own estimates, switching to Google Apps cut its IT costs by a massive amount.  So now Orlando’s CIO, Conrad Cross, is returning the favor (and maybe helping Orlando secure a special prize) by spreading the Google gospel.

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Would Your Company Benefit from an Internal Twitter?

It’s no secret that Google and Microsoft are in heavy competition in the enterprise application space. This competition may extend into a relatively new sub-category of this space – internal microblogging. Think Twitter, just for within the enterprise.

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Google Will Continue Sales, R&D in China

The other day, Google announced that it would be redirecting its Chinese language search engine at to, the company’s Hong Kong site, where they would now censor search results. That does not mean, however, that Google has ceased operations in China entirely.

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Google Apps MarketPlace Greatly Expands Google’s Enterprise Offerings

Last night at Campfire One, Google launched the Google Apps Marketplace, where developers can create apps that integrate with Google Apps and sell them to users. According to Google, they can reach over 2 million businesses and 25 million users.

Right off the bat, the Google Apps Marketplace launched with over 50 applications from companies like Intuit and Atlassian, with more coming soon from companies like NetSuite and SuccessFactors, a Google spokesperson tells WebProNews.

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Google Apps Billed As Disaster-Ready Solution

We’ll let you decide whether, given the recent loss of life in Haiti and Chile, Google’s timing is a little off here.  But for better or for worse, the search giant picked today to promote Google Apps in a blog post titled "Disaster Recovery by Google."

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Google Apps Maybe Going To Yale

One of America’s oldest universities is going to turn to Google for a lot of new software, according to a new report.  Indeed, Yale is supposed to get the whole Google Apps for Education shebang, including email, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

Google’s promoted Apps for Education as a cutting-edge and yet user-friendly solution for quite some time.  Yale’s utilization of it would be quite the PR win, considering how the school’s so well regarded.  A lot of other universities might accept Yale’s decision as a smart one and follow its lead.

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Google Rumored to Be Working on Apps Store

According to unnamed sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, Google plans to launch a store where it will sell online business software for use with its own Google Apps products. The Times cites "a person familiar with the project" and the Journal cites "people briefed by the company."

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Google Makes Apps Script More Widely Available

Google has launched the Google Apps Script in Google Apps Standard Edition, meaning that it is much more broadly available now. Previously, it was only available in Google Apps Premier and Education editions. It was released back in the summer.

Google Apps Script starts in the spreadsheets of Google Docs. It lets you create sheets to read and change formulas, formats and cell contents, and lets you create custom functions so you can automate repetitive tasks.

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Google Apps Wins Over Another Corporation

Whether or not you’ve heard of a corporation called MWV, you’re probably familiar with its products – MWV puts out everything from Coca-Cola packaging to Mead notebooks to asphalt for roads.  And now, this giant has entrusted some of the technical aspects of its operation to Google Apps.

Given that MWV has a market cap of roughly $4.75 billion and employs about 12,000 people, this counts as a big – and tough – job.  Moreover, those employees are spread out over 34 countries, and as you might expect, English isn’t every individual’s preferred language.

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Google Apps Goes Live In L.A.

The Los Angeles city government is moving ahead with its plan to embrace Google Apps.  Today, 34,000 city employees are supposed to switch to it from an old system, and the mood appears to be much more "excited" than "nervous" at this point in time.

The L.A. City Council approved a $7.25 million Google Apps contract in late October, but not everyone was enthusiastic about the move.  Councilman Paul Koretz displayed a bit of doubt, for example, by referring to both "cutting edge" and "the edge of a cliff."

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Google Apps Gets Google Groups

Google announced that is now including Google Groups in the Premier and Education editions of Google Apps. The company says Groups is one of its most widely-used applications, so it only makes sense.

When a group is set up, employees/students can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, shared folders, sites, calendars, and videos with the group, rather than having to include individual email addresses or try to remember who joined or left a certain group.

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Google Adds Relevance Option to Docs Search

In Google Docs, there is a new sort-by-relevance feature for search results. When you search in Google Docs, your results will be organized by relevance, rather than "last modified date", which has been the way of the past. There is a menu on the right side of the toolbar that lets you decide how you want your results sorted.

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Gmail Lets You Send Attachments While Offline

Google has introduced a feature that lets you send attachments in Gmail while you’re offline. It works the same way as it would online, except that you can’t include inline images.

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Google May Take Over More Design Jobs

Web designers beware. Google is expanding its templates for Google Sites, which is part of Google Apps, and the company is really pushing Google Apps these days. What this means is that as more businesses adopt Google Apps and find a wider variety of site templates to choose from, the less they may need the services of web designers for basic design work (developers are a different story).

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L.A. Approves $7.25 Million Google Apps Contract

The City of Angels has shown a great deal of faith in Google.  Late yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a $7.25 million contract that’ll have all branches of the city’s government adopting Google Apps over the next eight or so months.

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Google Gets Serious About Marketing Apps

Update: Google has expanded the campaign to additional countries:  U.K., France, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

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Google Docs Gets New and Old Features

Google has made some updates to Google Docs. For one, they have introduced shared folders, which the company has been promising since July, and says is the most requested feature they get for Google Docs. Shared folders let users collaborate on groups of documents more easily.

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Google Sites Gets New Image, Feed, and Template Features

Google has made it easier to insert Picasa Web Albums photos into Google Sites. They have added a photo option to the "insert menu."

In addition, users can upload photos directly to Picasa Web Albums from within Google Sites, using the "upload photo" tab in the insert dialog. It should be noted, however, that Google Apps users will not see the options, because Picasa Web Albums is not available in Google Apps.

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Google: IT Departments Moving Toward the Cloud

Google has been pushing Google Apps use big time this year. They took out billboard space, and they recently sponsored a survey about IT departments and cloud computing.

The poll covered 1,125 IT decision-makers. Google has prepared an entire report based on the findings, which is available for perusal here (pdf).

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API Makes Google Sites More Useful for Business

Google has launched a new API for Google Sites as a Google Labs feature (meaning it may have some flaws). The Google Sites data API allows client applications to access, publish, and modify content within a Google Site. It is available to both Google account and Google Apps users.

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Gmail Users Experience Another Hiccup

Some Gmail users have been experiencing yet another instance of the service being down. This seems to be happening quite a bit lately, and at a particularly odd and unfortunate time for Google, as the company has recently increased its efforts to push Google Apps on Businesses.

Right now, when I log into Gmail I get the following message:

Gmail unable to access contacts

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Google to Start Crawling Google Docs Documents

Google has quietly announced that Google Docs documents that are published will soon be crawlable. This means if you have published documents as web pages, or used the publish/embed option for a document, and it has been linked to on the web, it can be indexed by Google and other search engines.

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Google Introduces New Drawing and Form Features for Docs

Google has launched some new features for Google Docs. They have made a couple improvements to drawings and added several new features to Forms.

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Google Launches New Features for Sites

Google has introduced some new features to Google Sites, the company’s web site creation and publishing app. The new features were made to make it easier for users to copy their site, and use more options to search and announce updates.

Google Sites now allows users to copy entire sites. You can do this by simply going to "Manage Site," then "General," and "Copy Site."

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Why You May Have Gone a Couple Hours Without Gmail

If you use Gmail, know someone who use Gmail, use Facebook or Twitter, or read blogs or online news, you probably know that Gmail had some problems yesterday. The service experienced a widespread outage, which lasted for about 100 minutes according to Google.

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Google Wave To Splash Down This Fall

There’s fresh word this afternoon about when (and to whom) Google Wave will become available.  Schools and businesses that use Google Apps appear to be first in a line that should start moving this fall.

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Google Lets Businesses Speed Up Videos

Google has introduced a feature for Google Video for Business that allows viewers to adjust the playback speed. There is a speed control button/slider on the video player that can be used to speed up or slow down a clip.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Video for Business, it’s part of Google Apps Premiere and Education editions, and lets users share rich video information, keep videos secure and private, and collaborate on videos.

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Google Lets You Add Tables in Presentations Now

Google has added the ability to include tables in presentations in Google Docs. The feature has apparently been in high demand, and the company says they really wanted it too.

Users can insert a table into their presentation, then easily add, select, and resize rows and columns, format and align text across the table, and set background colors for cells and borders. Rows will resize themselves to fit content.  Google provides the following example table:

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Google Strikes Record-Breaking NZ/AUS Deal

For at least the next three years, Google will play a significant role in the delivery of New Zealanders’ mail.  The Postal Services Group of New Zealand Post has entered an agreement that’ll have it putting Google Apps in front of 2,100 employees.

This counts as Google’s largest commercial deal yet in New Zealand or Australia.  It’s supposed to save New Zealand Post (which is a state-owned enterprise) in the neighborhood of $2 million over the course of three years.

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Gmail Out of Beta After All These Years

Today is a landmark day for Google. The company has finally announced that Google Apps is no longer in beta. I suspect this is more of a way to increase the adoption of its services, particularly among businesses, than any new accomplishment being met, but it is what it is. No more beta label on Gmail and other products that fall into Google’s cloud offerings category.

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Google Apps, Microsoft Live@edu Do Battle

Here’s a simple fact: no matter what the industry, there are few things quite as nice as a lifelong customer.  Here’s another: while attending college, students often establish patterns that they’ll follow for the rest of their days.  Now, Microsoft and Google seem to be acknowledging both issues as they promote school-oriented software suites.

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New Google Apps Feature Breaks Microsoft Outlook

Suppose, for Father’s Day, you got dear old Dad some new power tools, and he then had trouble adjusting to them.  One way of speeding up the acclimation process could involve trashing the old ones, right?  Now, Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook seems to have created a similar situation. 

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Google Apps Takes Swipe At Microsoft

Not everyone likes change, and complaints are especially sure to occur when changes are forced upon people.  So a certain Mountain View-based search giant, while still pushing its products as replacements for Redmond’s offerings, is trying to bridge the gap with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

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Google Docs Now Supports More File Types

Google announced today that it has added a couple filetypes to its list of supported ones. The new additions are .xlsx and .docx files.

Recalling his first encounter with Google Docs, Anil Sabharwal on the Google Docs Blog writes:

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Google Slows to a Crawl

Update: Google has addressed the issue on the Official Blog. The company says:

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Google Calendar Finally Gets Tasks Features

A while back, Google launched a Tasks lab for Gmail. Now they have added a new tasks feature for Google Calendar after many requests for one.

There is now a "tasks" link in the upper right-hand corner of the Google Calendar page. Once you click on it, a box will come up on the opposite side of the screen, where you can add tasks in list form. They come with checkboxes so you can check them off as you accomplish them, and a form to enter a due date. The task will then appear on your calendar on the day it is due.

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The Google Contacts Without the Gmail

Google has recently launched a standalone contacts manager, which lets you manage your contacts outside of Gmail. This would be particularly useful for those who don’t use Gmail, but use other Google products that offer sharing capabilities.

If you use Google Docs, Picasa, or Google Calendar for example, you can now update people’s contact information without having to use Gmail. This was not an option before.

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Google Scores Big Deal With Virgin Media

In a roundabout way, the use of Gmail is about to become much more common in the UK.  Virgin Media and Google announced a deal this morning that’ll allow four million home broadband customers to benefit from the service’s perks while using either new or existing email addresses. 

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Create and Insert Drawings in Your Google Documents

Google Docs has started including a new feature – the ability to insert drawings into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. To use this feature, simply go to the Insert menu and click Drawing.

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Personalization & Sercurity for Google Sites Gadgets

Google has announced three new feaures in Google Sites for making gadgets more useful for Google Apps Premier Edition cusotomers. These are:

1. Start Page Template
2. Private Gadgets
3. End-to-End Security

With the Start Page template, site owners can allow individual users to personalize specific areas of the site, presumably similar to what users can do with iGoogle.

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Reasons to Use Google Video for Businesses

Google Video for Business has got a couple of new features. They are captions and larger uploads.

Captions can obviously open up communication on a whole new level with subtitles alone. This makes videos more accessible to those who cannot hear well and those who speak other languages. As far as uploading, users with Google Gears can upload videos of up to 1 GB. Before it was only 300 MB.

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Google Docs Privacy Glitch Accidentally Shares Documents

Google DocsOn Friday Google contacted some Google Docs users to alert them of a privacy issue. Less than 0.05% of user docs were accidentally shared with people with whom they were not supposed to be. 

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Google Introduces Apps Status Dashboard

As you’ve probably read by now (if not experienced firsthand), there was an outage for Gmail the other night. This ended up impacting a lot of businesses, and was not exactly the greatest demonstration of Google’s 99.9% uptime guarantee. I guess there’s always that other 0.1%.

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Google Makes Mobile Spreadsheets More Accessible

Today Google announced an improvement to the mobile version of Google Docs. That is list view for spreadsheets, which allows you to view, edit, sort, and filter your spreadsheets from your mobile device.

Previously, you could only view your spreadsheets on mobile devices. Now, they basically have full functionality.

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Google Drives Affiliate Network Users to Google Accounts

Users of the Google Affiliate Network can now access the network through a regular Google account. This means uses will be able to access Google’s other products like AdWords, AdSense, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc. with the same log-in.

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Google Starts Apps Reseller Program

Google Apps Reseller ProgramGoogle has started a program in which resellers can begin selling Google Apps to businesses. Naturally, you would sell the apps to customers, and then kick up money to Google.

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Education Through the Cloud with Google

Google Apps for Education has had a big year, further emphasizing Google’s push for cloud computing. A push that has included a recent guarantee of 99.9% uptime on certain Google Apps. Cloud computing with Google Apps has often been discussed in the business context, and it is clearly quite relevant to the education field as well.

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Google Docs Offers Form Templates

If you use Google Docs, you might be pleased to know that Google is now offering templates for forms. And to start off they’ve got 13 different ones to choose from.

If you are not familiar with templates in Google Docs, to utilize them, you go to New and select from template from the pull-down menu.

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Google Expands Another API

As mentioned previously, Google is spending a lot of time "in the clouds" so to sepak. They’ve been emphasizing cloud computing a lot lately, even going so far as to make a 99.9% guarantee with regarding to up-time for Google Apps.

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Google Upgrades Apps APIs

Yesterday Google guaranteed 99.9% reliability for Google Apps like Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Talk. This stemmed from a similar guarantee the company made for Gmail.

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Google Stands Behind the Cloud

Today Google is touting the reliability of Gmail, and comparing the service to several "on-premises" solutions in terms of downtime and lost productivity. In a post on the Official Google Blog, Google Enterprise Product Director Matthew Glotzbach writes:

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Google Apps And Gmail Problems Resurface

Some people check their email once an hour.  Others, every five minutes.  But a recent Google Apps outage made a number of accounts inaccessible for around 30 hours, and a prominent blogger had his account disabled to boot.

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Google Compensating For Apps Outage

A Google Apps outage that occurred earlier this month concerned a lot of people.  Users of the Premier Edition were paying for the service, and 15 hours of downtime and questionable communication is not good, regardless.  So now Google’s unveiling a free extension of service and the way in which it will handle any future problems.

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Gmail, Google Apps Issues Resolved

A game of word association would have to go on for quite some time before most people would put "Google Apps" and "Gmail" together with "outage."  The two services recently took a partial tumble, though, and the experience has left some of the affected users less than happy.

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Google Apps Catches Big Customer

Google Apps is something we don’t hear about too often; compared to search, it simply doesn’t come up.  Google Apps is getting along just fine, though, and a new development involving Taylor Woodrow proves this point.

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Google, Salesforce Deal Doomed? Zoho Says So

Old line business models and the new Internet can’t cohabitate, claims the guy who had a chance to sell Zoho to Salesforce’s Marc Benioff.

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Jaiku – One Of The First Apps On The Google App Engine

This interesting update comes via the Jaiku blog… Today we’re taking off our welding goggles to announce Jaiku will be one of the first apps to run on the new Google App Engine. See also App Engine is an interesting concept (I’m not terribly familiar with it) but its free for developers to get started and seems like a real time (and money) saver…

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Gmail Upgrade Introduced To Google Apps

Users of Google Apps, say "thank you" to users of Gmail.  Now that they’ve acted as something similar to guinea pigs, you’ll be receiving a nice, if not overly significant, upgrade.

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Google Apps Picks Sides With Team Edition

Google opened a new version of its Apps service, with a catch that limits it to a workplace or a school by design.

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Teach Your Little Ones with Google Apps

My seven year old son wants to program online games badly.

After playing Pokemon online he got the notion that he wanted to make something like that. He pestered me for days about setting him up so he could make cool games where his friends could checkout his games. I struggled for a few days trying to find a solution for him. He’s seven so there has to be some reward for the initial work he does to keep his interest. You can’t just throw a seven year old in the deep end and let him flounder.

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What’s Ahead for Google Apps?

Andrew Miller’s getting a whole lot of link-love for his notes from a recent Ann Arbor Chamber event hosted by Google. Scott Johnston, the former VP of Product Development at JotSpot and new Googler shared some snippets on what’s coming down the pipeline for Google’s online office suite, Google Apps.

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Google’s JotSpot Will Turn Pages

A flood of information about Google’s plans for its JotSpot acquisition and Google Apps met attendees at an Ann Arbor presentation.

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Google Extends Apps To Non-Profits

Registered non-profit organizations in the United States will be able to use the Google Apps Education Edition for their communication needs.

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GMail Updates Aren’t Half-Apps’ed

Google added a handful of new features to its Google Apps web-based platform, including the ability to migrate old email gathering "metaphorical dust" to Gmail accounts.

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Google Apps Ready To Crash Microsoft

The Google Apps for Your Domain announcement noted how a premium version was in the works. Next month for a small monthly per-user fee, Google will unveil that. Some big names, corporations that would spend tons with Microsoft, could be ready to make the switch.

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