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Google’s DoubleClick Site Gets a Facelift

In an effort to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital advertising ecosystem, Goole has made some necessary refinements to their DoubleClick website. They were shooting for a cleaner more stylistic look which would highlight all the latest DoubleClick news. The newly redesigned site features improved discoverability, a cleaner look, and the capacity to conduct your searches utilizing multiple screens. …

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Google’s DoubleClick Digital Marketing Insights Conference Start a Revolution in Online Advertising

Google wants users to know that they are doing everything that can to facilitate a revolution in online advertising that puts control in the viewers hands. This means they have to reengineer the whole system of buying and selling ads along with the way they are created. As you know, Google has already made great strides with creating tools and …

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Google Works to Fight Bad Ads and False Advertising

On the 25th, Google released an interesting figure on just how effective they have been keeping malware, ad spam, and misleading claims off of their network. Since 2010, Google has decreased the number of bad ads that make it through their screening process by 50%. The reason for the increase is simple; they are getting better at what they do. …

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Google AdWords and the Advertising Display Network

Last week Google hosted a Hangout where they answered user’s questions about how to use their Display Network and what qualifies to be on it. During the Hangout Top Contributors from the AdWords community, and several of Google’s staff shared tips and tricks for using the network. If you missed it, I’ve included a collection of their questions so our …

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Google Advertising: “Think of us like TV”

According to All Things D, Google is out to attract mega dollars from advertisers by implementing the use of gross rating points (GRP). For those who aren’t familiar with GRP, it’s the system used by advertisers in the television industry to assess the value of a particular slot based on potential audience size and the frequency in which they might …

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